Color Helper: Yellow

Find out which color to wear or invite into our lives for greater balance and good fortune:

YELLOW, with its positive attitude and sunny disposition, energizes and warms us, giving us the strength to accomplish everything we want to do.

Try wearing something yellow today to remind yourself of its power to cheer us and promote growth. Or drink a cup of tea with a slice of bright, refreshing yellow lemon. Include a healthful yellow food on your menu today, or place a bright yellow objet where you will see it often. Yellow activates our solar plexus chakra, the center of the will, giving us motivation and stamina. Hurray for yellow!

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer, Care2 Healthy Living Channels.


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Heidi R.
Past Member 4 years ago

Yellow is a miraculous color for it's healing properties.

I remember too a study the British did. They proved that painting office walls yellow improved productivity. Amazing.

Shawn P.
Shawn P4 years ago

Thank you

Heidi R.
Past Member 4 years ago

Recently when painting I felt the need to add lots of yellow. It made the whole composition bloom. Now I know why. Thank you for sharing the article. I look forward to many more.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Robert O.
Robert O4 years ago

Thanks Cait.

Sue Matheson
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