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Conscious Consumer

Tell the State of California to Protect Drinking Water from Oil Companies

California is in the midst of a crippling drought, yet state regulators have been allowing oil companies to pump toxic waste water into drinking water sources. Last month was California's driest in…


How to Avoid Buying Fake Herbal Supplements

Some popular herbal supplements sold at chain retailers donít contain the herb they tout and contain other substances not labeled, according to DNA testing commissioned by New York Stateís attorney ge…


Which Fast Food Companies Are Polluting Our Oceans the Most?

From Starbucks and Subway to Domino's Pizza and Dairy Queen, most U.S.-based†fast food companies could be doing a lot more to use a lot less plastic. So could mega-brands General Mills, WalMart, Coca-…


Gifts to Get Your Vegan Friend

If you have a friend who is vegan, they have most likely helped you to learn about the lifestyle one way or another. The gist is pretty simple: no animal products. But where it gets a little trickier …


20 Houseplants to Clear Toxins From Your Home

Bringing a bit of nature into your home does more than brighten the atmosphere. Introducing houseplants into various rooms in the house can help reduce the chance of getting seasonal sicknesses (such …


GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Puppy Ad: A Miss, Fumble, and Failed Recovery

I've seen some superbowl ads in years past that are very degrading to dogs. But's planned 2015 Super Bowl wins the prize for the worst advertisement I've ever witnessed. "Journey Ho…


Monsanto’s Roundup Found in Animals with Birth Defects

Danish farmer Ib Borup Pederson had reared hogs for decades. So he was alarmed when he observed a growing incidence of malformations and birth defects in his newborn piglets. The deformities included:…


NY’s Styrofoam Ban Will Remove Nearly 30,000 Tons of Trash

New York city is scheduled to ban food establishments from using plastic foam containers starting this summer. The countryís largest city follows San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon in prohibi…


Study Shows Herb as Effective as High Blood Pressure Drug

Most people already know the health benefits of eating olive oil on a regular basis, but an increasing amount of research is showing that olive oil isnít the only therapeutic part of these trees. The …


5 Tips to Avoid Buying Fake Olive Oil

There are many extra virgin olive oils out there†that are downright frauds. In fact, the majority of olive oils on your supermarket shelf donít deserve the title of ďextra virgin.Ē Itís no secret what…


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Very interesting, thank you. There were bits I didn't know.

We have been using nutritional yeast on popcorn for years!

Live un Europe for the moment and the labeling is good...could be improve of course but even the fre…

How cute! The crows have a "lookout" at my place. When I put out food for them in the morning, the "…

She lost me at miracles.