Considering the Cause of Autism

I have watched with great curiosity the debate over why 1 in 150 children today develop autism. I have done my own research into the cause and effects of this devastating condition and have come to a few conclusions. In 1965 my youngest brother was born with Downs Syndrome. However, it wasn’t until he was 4 years old that a doctor informed my mother that Sean was also autistic. This was at a time when few people had heard of the condition and fewer still knew what to do about it.

The doctors blamed Sean’s condition on my mother being 45 years old when he was born, but she never quite accepted this explanation. First of all she had given birth to 9 healthy children and secondly she had once attended a napalm demonstration, presented to a group of army wives, when she was pregnant with Sean. After the Vietnam war it was learned that villages near where napalm had been dropped had extremely high rates of Downs Syndrome. It confirmed my mother’s worst fears that she had been contaminated on that day and it made even more sense once Sean was diagnosed with autism.

In 2005 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) spearheaded a study, along with Commonweal, to test the umbilical cord blood of 10 children, directly after the cord had been cut. What they discovered was astounding. From a total of 287 chemicals found in the umbilical cord, 217 are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous system, while 208 of these chemicals have shown to cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

In another report by Greenpeace and WWF-UK entitled, A Present for Life: hazardous chemicals in umbilical cord blood, it describes how many of the chemicals found in the blood cord have detrimental effects on brain function. They red lighted pesticides, DDT, organophosphates, pyrethroids and para-quat, as having neurotoxic effects. These chemicals are found in our food, water, the clothes we wear, the lotions, soaps and cosmetics we use and are fed to a baby both in utero and through breast feeding.

So let’s do the math here. Today there are over 100,000 chemicals used in commercial products. During the months a fetus is developing its body structure, organ systems, membranes, and cellular structure it is receiving as many as 287 of these chemicals via the umbilical blood cord from the mother. Then, by the time he/she reaches the age of 2 years old a child may be given up to 23 vaccinations, some still preserved with mercury. That’s quite a toxic cocktail for a wee babe to withstand without some sort of damage. In many cases, the result could be autism.

In today’s chemical culture a woman needs to prepare for her pregnancy with a complete and thorough detoxification program using fresh organic foods. Once she is pregnant she should eat only the highest quality, organic foods to ensure her child is not being contaminated by pesticides and herbacides. As for skin care products and other contaminating items, the power lies in educating yourself about each product and then using that knowledge to spend your money on products that are safe, organic and chemical free. What you buy sends your message loud and clear to manufacturers. Then step by step, person by person, we can begin to rid the environment of health destroying chemicals.


Lisa G.
Lisa G.7 years ago

Do you mind if I post this to my blog? My son has autism and 10% of the sales in my Etsy shop go towards research. I'd love to post this.

Henry N.
Henry N.7 years ago

If you have decent levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin C ,B group and A and E and you take Co enzyme q10 and have enough magnesium, selenium and zinc in your system you should never fall ill with flu

Sue M.
Susan Meyer7 years ago

One of the best things we can do is be a wise consumer. Many of the products manufactured by the big companies are adding to the toxic level in our environment. That's why my family uses products from The Wellness Company. It's better Karma to make sure that our water supply isn't polluted by our products.

Genevieve H.
Genevieve H7 years ago

Interesting article.
To some commentators: it is TETANUS, not Tetnus! Please.

nicole l.
Nicole L7 years ago

In response to the person who implied you must be vaccinated to attend school. That is not true. My Grandmother basically died from Guillions Baret (flu shot). My family obviously has a genetic disposition. My son had severe seizures which could have caused major brain damage had he not been put on phenol barbitol. So of course I'm not going to play Russian Roulette with my daughter. It is also against my new found religion. I believe that we were designed to function with nature perfectly. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves and there are plants that basically address any and all illness. Your immune system is designed to protect you if it is not hindered by toxins or parasites. If you do an anti-parasitic treatment and a detox annually, you can maintain good health. Not to say you can cheat death, when you are called, your number is up.

nicole l.
Nicole L7 years ago

Tetnus is actually caused by a spore that is only present in horses bowels or their feces. It can lay dormant for up to 80 years. It has nothing at all to do with rust. The reason we as children were vaccinated for Tetnus is because when we were children 80-100 years before that many people owned horses and horse farms and grazing fields were plentiful. This meant that as children we may have come in contact with a nail from an old farm that had these spores on them. Well 80-100 years out from the age of my children there weren't a lot of horse farms so the chances of my child coming in contact with tetnus is not as great. If you raise horses or your children are around horses like my friend well that is a different story and you should have your children vaccinated. I was led to believe for years that tetnus had something to do with rust.... not true. My friend who has raised horses all of her life explained this to me. I also followed it up with my own research. That is the only thing she vaccinated her children for. By the way the common flu kills more than 37 people annually. Illness has a purpose, it is to strengthen your immune system but for some reason people are filling their bodies with vaccines which contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde all toxic to the human body and all damage the immune system.

nicole l.
Nicole L7 years ago

you should look at the statistics of death and autoimmune damage in regards to vaccines. The statistical information reported to VAERS is disturbing. Children are not at risk for Hep B and the risks of vaccinating far outweigh their risks of Hep B.

Jenny Doughty
Jenny Doughty7 years ago

In the United States, rotavirus causes about 2.7 million cases of severe gastroenteritis in children, almost 60,000 hospitalisations, and around 37 deaths each year. Yes, it can be mild too, and it's true that increasing exposure tends to reduce the effect. Up to you - the risks are known.

As for HepB - vaccination of newborns has not only reduced the risk of infection, but has also led to marked reduction in liver cancer. This may be less important in the US unless the baby is in a community where incidence is high.

In many areas, vaccination against hepatitis B is required for school entry (other vaccinations too). Not an issue if you're a home-schooler I suppose. Some college campus housing units now require proof of vaccination as a prerequisite.

Jalena Sidler
Jalena Sidler7 years ago

Vaaccines are scary but so are the diseases that they prevent u from getting. All I can say is to educate yourself on ALL of the shots. There are some very real very fatal diseases your child can get. Meningitis, phnumonia conjegate, Tetnus (which can live in dirt and rust for up to 40 years), whopping cough (which half if the people who get it don't even know they have it). I was completely against ALL shots but once u started reading up on them and realizing that people who are vaccinated for these diseases can still carry them and pass them.. I chose to take precautions for the scariest ones!

However, I feel like some ofvthem are pointless... Rotavirus? Really? It's like the stomach flu.. Hep B? My newborn baby is not a prostitute, drug addict, or a gay man. Getting sick sucks but we all do it. And the one year old shots I'm choosing to wait until she's older. I feel like they put to many shots in a baby at
once .The ones I did give her I chose to space them out as well. Sometimes seeing the doctor 3 times in only a couple months.

nicole l.
Nicole L7 years ago

Vaccinations are no longer the issue because they are laying Chem trails supposedly containing Aluminum and Barium. In fact rain water was tested and was positive not only for high levels of these substances but also human blood cells?? Not sure what is going on but it doesn't look good. Breathing in these substances would definately contribute to respitory, immune and brain function issues. They have been laying trails since 1998. In my town we see it daily 6-8 jets at a time leaving a nearby military installation. They start early in the am and end late in the evening. Dennis Kucinish filed a bill demanding the govt to stop laying chem trails. This can be confirmed online. Please check out You Tube and educate yourself on Chem trails if you are not familiar with them. It is affecting everyones health. Not worrying about them is not going to make them stop. I chose to educate myself and if we all try to make 5-10 people aware of the issue maybe we can bring about change. I also detox my family now on a regular basis. con trails are not the same as chem trails please read up on the issue, awareness is key.