Cooking With Kids: Thanksgiving (video)

Create a new family tradition: tempt your kids into the kitchen to cook Thanksgiving dinner with you. Thanksgiving is a time for food to bring families together, yet sometimes it can be stressful to have the little ones underfoot in the kitchen. Parent Earth‘s new Thanksgiving video offers a solution give kids a job to do! “Cooking With Kids: Thanksgiving (plus baby food)” is hosted by dietitian and delectable home cook Amy Marlow who creates a Thanksgiving feast that the whole family will be thankful for.

Amy, with support from some enthusiastic parents and their little chefs, roasts a gorgeous, golden turkey breast; steams green beans to serve with caramelized onions and lemon zest; and prepares a crispy outside & tender inside medley of root vegetables with carrots, butternut squash, and parsnips. You’ll see how to include your baby in Thanksgiving dinner without doing any extra work except pressing ‘blend’ or twirling the handle of the food mill a few times. Even though it is for Thanksgiving, this video can be a great reference in the kitchen all year long – especially if you are follower of The Kids Cook Monday!

The Thanksgiving video was made in partnership with HAPPYBABY, Stonyfield Farms, and Care2.

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