Cost-Saving Tips for Healthy Eating (video)

Alexandra Jamieson and Chloé Jo Davis are besties – brainy vegan Mamas with a common goal; helping the world eat cleaner!  In their new monthly video series, Little Sprouts/ Big City, these two plant-based princesses will spill the beans (literally!) on everything you need to know to eat, live, and dress clean and green – on a budget and with a family.

The first of this series explores the down low on getting deals on organic foods for your family:

Little Sprouts/ Big City: Alexandra Jamieson & Chloé Jo Davis Share Tips On Healthy Eating On The Cheap from Chloe Jo Davis on Vimeo.

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It would be nice to have tips relevant globally and not only local...

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Good tips but aren't they pretty much common sense? Do people really need a video like this to tell them how to save money?

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