Cute Baby Meerkats (Video)


Aren’t they just the cutest?!

Adorable Baby Meerkats (Video)
Meerkat Mischief (video)
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Terry V.
Terry V.2 years ago


Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson3 years ago

Very very cute.

Nimue Pendragon
Nimue Pendragon3 years ago

Meerkats are hilarious, it's fun to watch them. Thanks.

John S.
Past Member 3 years ago


Diane Lindberg
Diane L.3 years ago

I have loved Meercats since I saw a Nat Geo special years ago. They are cool

Erika M.
Erika M.3 years ago

They are absolutely precious.

Elizabeth Gi
Elizabeth G.3 years ago

so cute :)

Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell3 years ago

Sooo cute Xx

heather g.
heather g.3 years ago

I'm from South Africa and we love to observe animals in their natural environment. They stay within their extended families and eat what is natural to them. I've observed what zoos feed animals in their care and they feed them with all sorts of meds. There are a few zoo ranches which are very open and at least provide some little space for animals to wander around, but that is rare. African animals should not be in areas with deep snow and then house these unfortunate animals on cold cement floors such as in Canada.
The SPCA doesn't act proactively, but do become involved every few months when more of these African animals die in their care in Vancouver area. Nothing changes ....

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad3 years ago

Look at the face of that cutie!