Cut the Energetic Cords

by Sheevaun Moran, Contributor to PsychoSpiritual on

Editor’s Note from Sherri Carter: Sheevaun shares a simple and effective way to cut energetic cords and to reclaim your power.

Do you feel a small or large punch in your gut when youíve seen someone who is doing what you want to do or someone you know who has gotten an opportunity that you want? Have you posted something in a group that youíre affiliated with and taken the initiative only to have them try to one up you?

You deserve the best in every aspect of your life and now is the time to get it. How?

This energy punch is a remnant from childhood and being told you did something wrong, from being let down and from being held back.

A few very simple tools from our Paramitas the System one of them includes Cutting the Cord to the event.

Watch: Cut the Cord to Negative Energies

Then erase the event and replace what was troublesome with a new image. If you donít have a new image use the word happy or peaceful or successful or courageous.

When you do this then you have taken away this energy that sucker punches you for the slightest thing.

Get your power back just by using these simple energy tools that are extremely powerful and will get you results immediately. The other person has their karma to deal with for taking something that is not theirs and you will have taken a much higher road with greater riches in the long run.


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