D for Diabetes

Over the past five years or so, researchers have established tentative links between vitamin D deficiency and metabolic syndrome (aka syndrome X), a condition characterized by abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, and high levels of either blood sugar or insulin. People with metabolic syndrome have an elevated risk for type-2 diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease, as well as other health problems.

Now a study from Spain provides new evidence that the two are closely associated. It looked at a group of morbidly obese individuals and found that 63 percent of them had metabolic syndrome. A little more than half of the group also had too little vitamin D in their bodies.

More significantly, however, roughly 61 percent of those with metabolic syndrome were vitamin D deficient, leading the researchers to say they were closely linked–at least in morbidly obese individuals.

The Spanish study was strictly observational, so it makes no claims about the value of vitamin D supplementation. It does, however, add yet another reason to make sure you either get enough sun time or take a daily dose of vitamin D3.

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By James Keough, Natural Solutions magazine


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