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Different Needs, Different Speeds: Short Term vs Long Term Relationships

After a pretty brutal breakup of mine, I remember the day I finally emerged from wallowing in my dark cold basement. I had finished watching the entire Gossip Girl series and realized that I couldn’t …


What You Need to Know at the Start of a New Relationship

It’s a common misconception that self-improvement needs to happen while you’re by yourself. Your relationships with others are vital to your growth. Only through your experiences with friends and love…


Why Bookworms Make Great Companions

Have you ever included “avid reader” on your list of qualities that you are seeking from a partner?…Well, maybe you should. Research has suggested that readers, namely readers of fiction, make bett…


6 Simple Exercises Proven to Reduce Snoring

Pity the bedmate who sleeps with a chronic snorer. Pity the chronic snorer who suffers exhausted resentment from their underslept bedmate. Snoring is no picnic, yet surprisingly, there is no standard …


The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

When you're in love, it may seem like there's just no room in your emotionally-zapped brainsphere for scientific scrutiny. But alas, when your relationship starts to go a little south or north or upsi…


3 Easy-to-Read First Date Signals

To be or not to be? Well, in the world of romance that question might actually be answerable. Check out these straightforward first date signals that can at least give you a clue. It can be rough out…


5 of Science’s Weirdest Theories About Falling in Love

From kindergarten romances to middle-age dating, all life stages are full of lessons about love. We learn from experience and friends’ horror stories, from reading columns and from Mom’s tried-and…


How to Cultivate Trust For a Healthy Relationship

Without a foundation of trust, relationships will suffer; without this essential ingredient, our level of intimacy can never reach its fullest potential. The good news: we can cultivate trust in our r…


The One Word Happy Couples Use To Stop Fights Before They Start

Don't let an argument derail positive communication. Have you noticed when you're in conflict with your partner that you tend to go around in circles, often having the same arguments over and over?…


6 Ways Skimping on Sleep Is Bad for Your Relationship

Before your date night Netflix marathon stretches into the early hours of the morning, keep reading. Skipping even a few hours of sleep can have a major impact not only on your health—expanding your w…


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