Death Is an Illusion

One person, Benedict, who reported his near-death experience in great detail, came close to describing eternity. After seeing shifting images, Benedict became aware that what he was actually seeing was the Higher Self matrix, a cosmic pattern of consciousness. Each person has a Higher Self that serves as an oversoul and also as a conduit back to the source.

Gazing at the matrix of souls, Benedict became aware they were all connected; humanity formed one being; each of us is an aspect of this wholeness.

Benedict asked the light to reveal the entire universe to him “beyond all human illusion.” He was told to ride the stream of life. His speed accelerated beyond the speed of light as he left the solar system, passed through the heart of the galaxy, and became aware of many worlds and many life-forms. What appeared to be travel through space was in fact the expansion of his own consciousness.

Benedict describes entire galaxies disappearing into a point, of all life-forms making their presence known, of a second light that contains every vibration in the universe.

Passing into the second light, he experienced a profound shift into silence and utter stillness. He could see to infinity. He was in the void, pre-creation, and his consciousness was limitless. He was in contact with the absolute, with unbounded awareness. He perceived all of creation generating itself without beginning or end. Millions of Big Bangs were constantly generating new universes. Since he was beyond time, this was happening simultaneously in all dimensions.

After reaching this cosmic epiphany, Benedict’s journey reversed itself, step-by-step, and he woke up with the unshakable realization that death was an illusion.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).

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Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Dot A.
Dot A.4 years ago

Good Morning and Happy New Year Wes, I thank you for your response and sense greater understanding with your message. I do this at work and as said previously just dip in an out of the blog and quickly add a thought in hopes of making some contribution. Obviously, the time has moved beyond those days when, as you say now, the only thing that would make things right for you and Frank was a public apology. Perhaps nothing will make this ever okay for you at any time and in any way, since you suggest that if I were to find that page and make a public apology now, it is useless. Well, I did apologize to you, since you communicated so nicely, and I felt a chance to make things better. However, you explain it, it is clear that some personalities click and others have another sort of experience, but, no matter what, I am inspired to 'slow down' as you cautioned Frank, and think about how someone else may interpret and other BTWs that may pop into my head. By no means are Atheists put in the same category as any named murderer~ The thought came from a caution to our society for a person without a conscience, as you put it, without feelings for others: the sociopath. Every word of caring brings new hope and understanding. I wish All The Best to you Wes, Happy 2012, Sincerely, Dot A - Also to all who spoke up for my account, I am most appreciative of your good Care2Friendship.

Dot A.
Dot A.4 years ago

Happy New Year to All @ Care2! Every word of Care is healing. There are many healing words offered here, and I for one am a grateful reader. Dot A

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

The Pied Piper of Hamlin was a KILLER charismatic projector. When you are an uncontrolled receiver crowds are impossible and touch is iffy. You find yourself ,perhaps, projecting as much coldness and hostility as you can just to keep them all away and preserve sanity and feeling very lonely at the same time. The challenge of both of them is mastering, choosing, what you'll send out there and what you'll feel. The gifts should be obvious too and that language of the beasts is the one, maybe, I most treasure

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

Of course you don't have a soul darlin' Wes; Soul is what you are and a beautiful caring one at that. Empathy, like all the talents carries with it challenges to be mastered. The two kinds of empathy are projective, that's what a charismatic person, one who can project a feeling and it is felt by everyone within range has and receivers who are aware of the feelings all around them. Though the challenges accompanying these gifts are hard the mastery of them is worth every effort. When I was little and reading fairy tales the one fairy gift I wanted was the language of the beasts. Well empathy is the language of all the "cousins" whose awareness is totally focused in the now and extended now awareness. That's everybody else here and including flora as well as fauna. I carry both the projecting and receiving kind. Maybe you do too. The first curse of the projector to be mastered is the way any mood you're in fills any environment and there is no privacy. There is no such thing as having a good sulk or tantrum privately and getting it out of your system; unless you've removed yourself from all access, and the ones that love you still have intimations of the mood, you so totally flood the space you're in that everyone around you is zapped and then to make matters even worse when you're feeling better they still remember you with that strong impression and worrying about you throw it back on you and it's hard to avoid being precipitated into the badness again. The Pied Piper of Ha

Wes Giesbrecht
Past Member 4 years ago


But, I don't have a soul.


Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

In a world where there isn't replication of a single snowflake, uniqueness and individuality is a shared quality of all the becoming expressions of the All That Is.Creatures who share a group soul, while still eternal individuals, have total access to the totality of that species knowing; past present and future, since the awareness of their soul is in all time. What one cat learns all cats know, every iota of experience is banked and all have equal access to it. This is an instantaneous experience rather than sequential. We have access to the total awareness of our own selves in all our becoming but not each others.When a shocked suffering creature seems soulless to an empath like you Wes it's because the soul has withdrawn from the mortal moment into the safety of it's group soul. Emotional suffering isn't the same as a human's. The suffering caused by all the agonizing circumstances, sadness, sorrow, betrayal caused agony, the sorrow of a puppy slaughtered since that's not what it expected, is limited to the direct experience, is digested and moved on from; abstract thought, the ability to discern between past ,present, and future, carries the unique burden of the capacity for continuing sorrow, so animals suffer emotionally but differently from the human experience. The challenges created by our soul/mind situation carry their own gifts.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

Wes your question on animal suffering has made me think about it allot. When I responded that all mortal beings are guaranteed death and if they have the capacity to escape killing they are capable of terror so they can flee, interbreed, and improve.Creatures without movement like flora feel neither pain nor terror since their survival doesn't depend on them.When taken by a predator the prey animal goes into shock when it accepts it's own death. It's spirit flees it's form and even when rescued the creature often dies because having accepted it's death can't return. Time is a mortal concept and experience, all species experiencing it differently: a mayfly's momentary life seems eternal to it. Soul is the manifesting bit of the divine, the core reality of all that is and there are different types of soul and soul experience though all soul is an expression of the One God.Humans are projections of individual souls which while they may belong to larger clusters: national, racial, and others, still are projections of one individual eternal entity who's prime existence is in all time and is the creator of all the lives on different planes of all it's selves. It is always becoming and always one with itself and on the fastest vibrating level aware of all of them.I've read that we and Cetaceans are the only single souled creatures in this world. Every other entity of every other species shares a group soul . In a world where there isn't replication of a single snowflake, uniqueness

Olivia S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks, great book

Zee Kallah
Past Member 4 years ago

Wes, I'm a smart alec. ROFLOL

I can come up with a possible answer to just about any
metal fiddlesticks question.

Long did I study, for many a year.
Cause....I wanna go home!

I don't write fancy like, but I sure love
being challenged with a metal
fiddlesticks question. Got one? lol