8 Delicious Apple Recipes

The time has come… apples are piling up in markets and CSAs, and just as quickly, pies and cider are filling kitchens with their delicious and cozy scent. In honor of the harvest season, we bring you a collection of our favorite ways to eat apples!

First up, breakfast of champions:

1. Baked Apple Pancakes

Caramelized apples and tender cake… for breakfast! This non-traditional style of pancakes is baked in the oven rather on the stove, so you can sit down with guests and share the meal simultaneously.Click here to find recipe.


2.Gingered Carrot – Apple Soup

Colorful, nourishing, and luscious, this soup can turn your soup-bowl into an early-autumn feast for the senses.Click here for the recipe.


3.Apple Almond Quinoa

This vegetarian quinoa dish is full of apples, cinnamon and almonds and adds a fun twist to your quinoa. It makes for a nice gluten-free breakfast cereal or for a savory side dish that goes well with a salad.Click here to find the recipe.


4.Maple-Almond Apple Crisp

Guiltlessly enjoy this seasonal classic, which swaps sugar for maple syrup and adds healthy almonds.Click here to find the recipe.


5.Hot Apple Cider

Wholeheartedly embrace fall with a mug of apple cider next to the fireplace. Here’s an easy way to get there:Click here to find the recipe.


6.Johnny Appleseed Cake

Celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday by baking yourself a cake! Here’s a suggestion: a Pippin Apple Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting… yum.Click here to find the recipe.


7.Brown Sugar Apple Pie to Die For

We wouldn’t have a collection of apple recipes, without including a pie! This one, we’ve been told, is to die for.Click here to find the recipe


8.Humble and Homey Apple Crisp

A classic, wholesome treat that’s hard to pass up.Click here for the recipe.

What are your favorite apple recipes?


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Too late for a snack tonight but tomorrow...

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Peggy D.
Peggy D2 years ago

I make a French Apple cake.

JL A3 years ago

came back to remember the recipe I saw as some apples fell into my lap

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Janis K3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

da c.
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They all look delicious!!

Nona E.
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Love when suggestions come with "how to" tips. Look forward to trying some of these recipes.

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Fabulous and tasty!

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thnx for these