Depression and Memory Loss

Your lapses in memory may not be coincidental. Learn more about the relationship between memory and major depressive disorder.

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Melissa M.
Melissa M.1 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen2 years ago

Thank you :)

JL A.2 years ago

good to know

Laine V.
Laine V.2 years ago

Be happy, be healthy =)

William Barratt
William Barratt2 years ago

Interesting article,thank you for sharing.

Val M.
Val M.2 years ago

Thanks very much

Tim C.
Tim C.2 years ago


Gordon Ralph
Gordon Ralph2 years ago

well that explains a lot of my problems then, thank you !!!

sylvia Szczepaik Bouvier
sylvia S.2 years ago

I do believe it. When I suffered from depression I could barley remember my name... everything was a blur...

Robert O.
Robert O.2 years ago

Thanks. I'm currently enduring a painful situation that is causing to have depression, memory loss and inability concentrate. There is most definitely a correlation between the two. Thanks.