Depression: What Not to Say

Stumbling over your words? Not sure what to say to a depressed loved one? Well, we can help you out with what NOT to say. Trust us.

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Beverly G.
bev G.2 years ago

yes have suffeed for years and anxiety too. I think it stems from a child seeing and hearing whats goingon.... plsu when your in the womb too affects it and its some of heriditary, its in my famly. but i truly believe andim 58 now, that when your in th womb the baby hears and anything that affects the mother will instantly go to the mothers stomach so hence it will affect that baby in the womb. I guessed this many years ago and since then a Doctor of Science has been n TV and said and proved it. Wow hey Presto i alreay kew it... Ihad a very poor upbringing and i am a very suspicious person and take everything in and notice it.. maybe thats why. as well.. Depression is horrible... No one cares uness they have it. Doctors , Hospitals dont care .. You do need to get a good shrink or phycologist to understand.

rosemary weston
rosemary weston3 years ago

clinical depression isn't just feeling sorry for yourself and using it as an excuse. it is an illness like any other that effects our body. it effects the brain.

unfortunately the medical profession often wants to treat symptoms and prescribes all kinds of chemicals that if you watch those commercials, may cause nasty side depression and suicidal thoughts...i think understanding ones illness and doing things to make oneself healthier through diet, exercise and engaging in positive activities may help. keep good friends who are empathetic around you and realize that they really need you too!

if we are kind and supportive of each other whether friends are clinically depressed or are just feeling temporarily sad we can help by letting them know that they are important and needed. you never know if something you say or do may be the last straw or contribute to someone giving up. how something is said may be more important than what is said. empathy is the key.

when i start to feel sorry for myself and feel hopeless, i try to put things in perspective and tell myself that at least i'm not in the middle of a tsunami and think how it would effect people i love,including my cats if i ended my life...i couldn't do that to them...but then deep depression isn't a logical or reasonable state of mind, is it...

Zee Kallah
Helen Porter3 years ago

Just listen.

I spent 8 years on WarmLine, connected with Crisis Line plus 5 years with Suicide Prevention.

Don't talk. Just listen.

You can save lives that way.

Chrissie H.
Chrissie H.3 years ago

" Come on now,pull yourself together" is not a very helpful comment to make to a depressed person,but I have heard that said more than once .Hardly supportive.

J.L. A.
JL A.3 years ago

essential for people to be able to be of actual support

Gabriele R.
Gabriele R.3 years ago

Depression is very hard to understand unless you have been there and learned how to deal with them.A good therapist and just being there for the person is the right way.

Care member
Care member3 years ago

Thank you

Albert Wrzesinski

Thank you, a video like this was really needed. I've been suffering from MDD for about a half of my life and I know it isn't rare to hear people trying to comfort you, but in fact unwittingly making you feel worse.

Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O.3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Jane Warren
Jane Warren3 years ago

thnx for this