Devo Gives Romney Dog Seamus a Voice

Gerald Casale, founder of the band Devo, is teaming up with Dogs Against Romney to release a single to honor Seamus Romney. “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus)” will be released on August 26th, just in time for National Dog Day and the Republican National Convention.

Devo Founder Teams Up With Dogs Against Romney to Release Single for Seamus the Dog 

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David V.
David V.4 years ago

Way to go Devo...I was always a fan.

David V.
David V.4 years ago

Way to go Devo...I was always a fan.

Miranda Parkinson

Oh this is classic! Hats off to Devo! lol!

Carol Micek
caroline m.4 years ago

Go Devo Go Just think if Romney did that to a dog what will he do to us. Do you really trust his jugdement?

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago


Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

scarlett g.
scarlett g.4 years ago

Sandra W. right on! There are those who will milk a situation for all it is worth...they can`t think of anything current so they fall back on past incidents and issues....NOT to mention some hope for dough!!!

Sarah W.
Sarah W.4 years ago

Oh, OK Sandra W, you were so busy educating yourself on the issues of our freedoms and Romanian politics you forgot grammar... Poor dear

Cathy P.
C P.4 years ago

Oh Sandra, you have drunk the koolade. What false rumors?! The man put his dog on the roof of his car - a fact! Your post really makes no sense at all. Your side got us in the mess we're in, and Romney wants to double-down.
Can't wait to hear the song!

Sandra W.
Sandra Wood4 years ago

Some people will never grow up. This story has been blown out of proportion and it is sad that so many people want to spread false rummors about a man running for president trying to save our freedoms. If Obama gets elected then we could end up like Romania with the reputation of being a country that abouses it's animals. Most people do not educate themselves on the issues so we can keep our freedoms and most liberals want to take away our freedoms like being able to fight for good animal causes. These 33 people that left causes need to wake up and educate themselves.