Discover Your True Self with Wolf

Wolf has come to symbolize the healing power of wild instinct in each of us, and many Native American traditions respect Wolf as a wise teacher and guide who expresses the qualities of loyalty, friendship, and devotion to community. We can journey to Wolf to learn more about our true nature, since Wolf is one of our most deeply perceptive guides.

Wolf helps us to find our true source of strength and security. She invites us to walk away from refuge and safety to find out who we really are. True security only comes when we give up attachment to our safe haven, whether it is a physical place or old beliefs and habits. As soon as we relinquish the old form, then something new can happen. It is only through seeking the truth that we can initiate change.

This beautiful meditation with Wolf can show us the way. And while we discover our true selves, we can give a gift in return to the wolf, because adopting a wolf for the holiday season can protect this magnificent species that carries so much wise knowing. It’s all right here:

You are directed to a campfire in a small clearing deep in the woods. It’s nighttime, and you are all alone, sitting on a log. Note the stability of your seat. . . Feel the warmth of the fire and look up at the flickering light playing on the branches of the trees all around you. This space by the fire feels safe and warm.

You feel a presence; as you look toward it you see two yellow eyes peering at you from the darkness, just outside the circle of light. Even though you have invited her, it is important to notice how you feel when you see the eyes of Wolf. With a glance back into the darkness, she invites you to follow her.

Walk toward Wolf. As you get to the edge of the circle of light, she gives you a brief look, then turns to enter the dark forest. You must leave the campfire, and all it represents, in order to follow her as she moves slowly ahead. It’s very quiet and extremely dark, but you find yourself adjusting easily to the darkness. . . You may find your own physical movements becoming more like those of the wolf. Follow her into the forest . . Dim shapes of trees loom all around you as the campfire recedes. As you penetrate the woods, notice your senses sharpening–your ears are alert for any sound, your eyes probe for movement, and your nose samples the air for the smells around you as you come more into connection with the wolf spirit inside of you.

Just ahead of you the wolf walks slowly forward. After some time, she stops by a fallen log next to a large tree. Find yourself a place to sit on the log. The wolf sits on her haunches nearby. She is absorbed by all she perceives in the forest and invites you to experience this moment as she does. Allow your mind to follow any sensations, for Wolf has created an open, safe space to allow you to receive a teaching from the forest. . .

Wolf’s penetrating gaze is turned upon you. Allow yourself to know who you are at this moment, without any overlay of description or story, releasing your attachment to what you believe about yourself, for this is how Wolf perceives you. . . Now you have an opportunity to ask Wolf any question that comes into your mind. Even if the wolf answers with silence, you know that the world will answer your question in some other way.

Wolf stands up and gives you a knowing glance that communicates the experience you have just shared, and bids you farewell until next you call upon her. She turns quickly and walks into the underbrush. You know you are not to follow. Know that you can find your way back to the campfire. The spirit of the wolf within you lets you access Wolf’s acute consciousness and move through the forest with confidence. Sense the fire’s warmth and follow it through the trees, through the darkness, until you begin to see its glow.

Here is why and how to adopt a wolf! Go to Defenders of Wildlife.

Adapted from Power Animal Meditations, by Nicki Scully (Inner Traditions, 2001). Copyright (c) 2001 by Nicki Scully. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Power Animal Meditations, by Nicki Scully (Inner Traditions, 2001).

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

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Very nice to see them roam free...

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Thank you for sharing.

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I had my animal totem done and have a wolf on my left, a coyote on my them both!

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I have such an affinity with them so. May they survive the ignorance of man!