DIY: Concrete Block Tables

Concrete blocks may bring to mind grad-student shelving, but we like them as ad-hoc table bases. Above: A coffee table made from eight stacked concrete blocks; photo via Kikette.

Above: High-end designer and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt created an informal coffee table with concrete blocks and a slab of wood in this Belgian interior.

Above: A concrete block bedside table, via Inside Inside.

Above: A simple outdoor table by midcentury architect Marcel Breuer made from a rectangular slab of stone propped on a base of mortared concrete blocks; via The Improvised LIfe.

Above: The coffee table at Remodelista editor Julie Carlson’s home in Mill Valley, made from a walnut drafting-table top and four concrete blocks.


Dejan M. Solak
Dejan M. Solak3 years ago

Kao što rekoh, brzo, jednostavno i nadasve jeftino...

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago

thanks for sharing

janet T.
janet t.5 years ago

I like the look but I would like something smoother and cleaner for the times you have to move them and clean around them.

Sanja T.
Sanja T.6 years ago


Amy C.
Amy C.6 years ago

I like it!

Scott Harriss
Hayden H.6 years ago

interesting designs

johan l.
paul l.6 years ago

So simple, yet so effective.
Poor people or students can use these cheap blocks to their advantage and then only buy a flat piece of wood to form the tabletop!
Can be used anywhere in the world!

Dianna Mcallister

pretty cool!

Leigh Anne Burnette-Turne

Nope, can't like it!