DIY Halloween Costumes (slideshow)

When Halloween rolls around, I tend to have a difficult time deciding on the perfect costume. What it often comes down to? Whatever clothes and props I have lying around the house the day before – or the day of – Halloween.

If you’re in a last-minute Halloween rush like me, or want to make your Halloween a little greener by creating your own costume, here are some suggestions that use many around-the-house items. Most of these costumes can be customized for children or adults. And be sure to click through to the last page to see my dog in a DIY pet costume.

Please feel free to add your own DIY costume suggestions in the comment field below. What kind of costume will you create this year? Or what is your favorite costume from a previous Halloween??

Next: Create a bat costume using an umbrella!

To make a bat costume, start with an all-black outfit. Then use an old black umbrella and cut off the handle (you may need a pair of heavy duty scissors for this). Cut out three or four of the sections. Then attach large rubber bands to the stokes that are on the inside of the umbrella and wear over your arms as you would a backpack. Dress up the outfit with a pair of ears or fangs.

Next: Man on the moon

To create the astronaut’s helmet, use an old bucket that’s washed out and carefully cut out the face using an X-acto knife. Dress in all white and create custom decorations declaring your country’s presence on the moon. Rain boots would work well to complete the outfit.

Next: Spread your feathers, peacock!

You can find ornate fake feathers resembling peacocks from many craft stores. These can be used to create a peacock costume. Attach feathers to a piece of cardboard (about 5x5in), and cover cardboard with a piece of fabric or more feathers (see picture below).

Next: The cutest little lamb

For this costume you can use anything that is white and soft: stuffing from a pillow or stuffed animal, or cotton balls, and glue them to a shirt. Wear with black pants and white hat. Use felt to create the lamb’s ears.

Next: Be a greek god or goddess

Make an easy Greek god or goddess costume using a white sheet. Wrap the sheet over one arm and secure with gold rope or ribbon. Accessorize with a green vine, grapes, or wine!

Next: Care2 Founder Randy Paynter as a butterfly!

Be a Care2 butterfly! Re-create this butterfly outfit sported by Randy Paynter, Care2′s founder (circa 1973). Use cardboard for the wings and construction paper to mimic the various colors of butterflies.

Next: Pet costume

If your pets will hold a hat on their head longer than mine, a cowdog is a super easy and cute costume!

What are your pets dressing up as this year?

Start looking at things around your house and think of different creative ways you can use them as an accessory to your costume. I’m sure you have great ideas. Please share!



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the best costumes my kids wore were homemade. homemade costumes allow people to use their imangation

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