DIY: Holiday Garland-Wrapped Chandelier

Here’s a project to get you in the mood for the holidays. An easy-to-replicate idea spotted on Underbaraclara: a mistletoe-decked chandelier inspired by the simple holiday decor of Scandinavia. All that’s required are a few sprigs of greenery (boxwood would also work nicely) wired together with gardener’s twine. Replicate the idea on whatever you have in your home–if you don’t have a chandelier like this one, consider a lamp or candelabra that would lend itself to the project.

Above: Most seasonal greenery sprigs would work well tied with easy-to-find gardener’s twine.

Above: Several sprigs strung together with twine.

This project is reminiscent of one of our favorites, the DIY: Rustic Chandelier at Remodelista.


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Thank you for sharing.

Michele Wilkinson

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Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley6 years ago

I really like this but we need to keep a good eye on this decoration because it might be a fire hazard.

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Omer F.6 years ago

good idea and it also help the the green brush by pruning it
dont take to much off

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looks good

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Looks beautiful :)