Do Health Supplements Really Work? (Infographic)

Spending time and money on your health can be frustrating if you’re not seeing results. Many of us intend to fill in dietary gaps or boost our energy with a vitamin here, some probiotics there and a mineral in between. Is this supplemental routine doing anything? Sometimes yes, other times … not as much as we’d like to believe!


Do Health Supplements Really Work?

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heather g.
heather g.2 years ago

This infographic reminds me of a joke about one's eyesight........ the joke being on me!
I couldn't read half of it - but nevertheless, will also continue with my supplements !

Annelies Haussler
Liessi Haussler2 years ago

Interesting infographic but where's the proof that this is factual and not just someone having fun with a graphics program? Nifty pictures with no background information. Sounds bogus to me. All I see is a year's worth of homework to double-check this infographic.

John Wesen
Past Member 2 years ago

Yeah, they only work if your diet is spot on.

Vicky P.
Vicky P.2 years ago


Stanley R.
Stanley R.2 years ago

Believe it or not, I took Saw Palmetto and all the hair on my head grew back. Niacin (Vit B3) is a good supplement, especially for smokers.

Lynn C.
Lynn C.2 years ago

Agree with Chris E. Not a one-size-fits-all for any remedial action whether it be prescription drugs or supplements. The best thing you can do is get in touch with what works for your own body. Unfortunately it takes time and experimentation, and most people would rather become "true believers" of one modality or another and give the decision making process to a person who aspires to some sort of authority.
Listen carefully, do your own research, take a BIG dose of common sense and trust your true instincts. You'll be surprised to find yourself knowing instinctively what might or might not work no matter what others are doing.

Michael H.
Mike H.2 years ago

thank you for sharing this

Aaron Bouchard
Aaron Bouchard2 years ago

thank you

Mary L.
Mary L.2 years ago

Nice graphic thanks for the info.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson2 years ago