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Do We Have the Power To Heal Ourselves?

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Do We Have the Power To Heal Ourselves?

The Art of Medicine Consists of Amusing the Patient While Nature Cures the Disease.  –Voltaire

Just for a moment, forget all we have been taught about evidenced based medicine and the hallowed halls of science today and just ponder for a few moments the possiblity of a world where we might not ever need a physician or healthcare provider or not ever need a doctor to write a prescription for a drug again. Could the ability to heal ourselves be locked in our DNA, like the lizards that lose their tail and grow a new one? Could this ability be lurking somewhere maybe even in what they refer to as ‘junk’ DNA? What about a world where we wouldn’t need to go to the local health food store to purchase an herbal preparation or a homeopathic remedy or have to endure the slings and arrows of all those negative nay-sayer types whom we all know so well who shoot down anything and everything that is deemed unscientific in the world of energy healing. Isn’t it amazing that it usually takes less than 100 years for todays absolute science to become tomorrows nonsense? A hundred years ago blood letting was the state of the art. If we only we had a crystal ball how many could be helped from suffering through treatments offered today that one day will be deemed harmful and even deadly. What if all healing could be done right inside of our own minds but we just don’t have the tools as of yet to know how to do it? Is it possible that it is there right inside of us and we just need to find the keys to unlock its secret door? What could this kind of magical self healing system open up? What would happen to Big Pharma and our current medical system if it was possible for us to heal ourselves? Would it ever even be allowed to exist, as most likely we would be able to access it for free?

Let’s explore something that is very much part of the 800-million dollar cost to bring a drug to market today; that little sugar pill known as the ‘placebo.’

Newtonian scientists who come from the world of “only matter matters,” find that natural remedies (unless they can stick natural ingredients like fish oil into a patented delivery system or process and make a drug with it) are for the most part described as having a ‘placebo effect.’ The same holds true when scientists look at Homeopathy, and other systems of healing based on an energy meridian system, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It never fails that we will quickly hear the term ‘placebo effect’ thrown right back at us when these modalities are offered. We can just visualize the ‘usual suspects’ with their hands over their ears muttering ‘la la la’ if we were bold enough to suggest that somebody spend some of their millions on a really big study that could explore our inate ability to heal ourselves, could it ever happen? Probably not, as there has to be something financiallly beneficial for the folks who pay for the study and the doctors who get those lucrative grants to do it! If we could heal ourselves who would make a profit in corporate controlled America where that now famous 1% hold the wealth and power?

There is something going on right now that does seem to be shaking up the scientific troops a bit and that is the fact that Big Pharma has done an amazing job of keeping from ‘us,’ just how potent placebos actually are in the world of drug testing! Also just bear in mind that the third leading cause of death in the Western medical model is from allopathic medicine, this is referred to as ‘iatrogenic,’ meaning induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon, or by a medical treatment or diagnostic procedure. Dr. Leape of the Harvard Medical School of Public health has stated brilliantly, “Medicine is a high risk industry, like aviation. But the chance of dying in an aviation accident is one in 2 million, while the risk of dying from a medical accident is one in 200!” Wow, I know of orthopaedic surgeons who tell their hip or knee replacement patients to take a permanent marker and mark which knee or hip is to be replaced in big block letters, so they don’t operate on the wrong leg!

While doing a bit of my Celestial Musings, (I have been nick-named Celestial, ‘long not short’ for Celeste), all my life, I found it quite compelling to learn that for years these folks in the hallowed halls of Western Medicine have been protecting a dirty little secret weapon called the ‘placebo’ which causes what has been known for many years as the ‘placebo effect.’

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Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Yarnall, PhD shares musings on myriad of topics at her Celestial Musings Blog. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care with Jean Hofve, DVM and Paleo Dog. Celeste is an actress/producer/activist/writer and keynote speaker. She and her husband Nazim Artist created the Art of Wellness Collection and are the producers of Femme: Women Healing the World. They live in Los Angeles, California with their beloved Tonkinese cats. Join Celeste at her website or on Facebook.


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5:26AM PDT on Aug 12, 2012


4:01AM PST on Feb 15, 2012

I believe that we have the power to heal ourselves. Just use your mind :)
That's what i do when I'm sick!

1:47PM PST on Feb 2, 2012


1:39PM PST on Jan 20, 2012

I am a healer and nutritionist and I can say that yes absolutely we can heal ourselves. It is what we are designed to do. The body is such a finely tuned instrument with its own inner physician that has an incredible wisdom and its job is to repair, detoxify, regenerate and heal the body constantly. The only thing is these days we bombard the body with all sorts of toxins, antibiotics and medicines, stress and take it to a state of malnourishment and kill off the very micro-organisms that keep our inner physician working. By turning around our diet and restoring ourselves to the 90% beneficial microbes that we should have, which will then allow the body to detox, we can repair/ heal the inner physician with will in turn heal our bodies. Then there is the other perspective of our own spirit/soul life which too has one mission and that is to bring us into a state of healed wholeness. The ups and downs of life are there to wake us up, illness gives us the opportunity to wake up and by becoming aware we can drop the issues which can play out as physical manifestations too and so too heal ourselves. Even if someone has met their time and passes over....that too is a healing. If you would like to delve into this more :-)

6:37AM PST on Jan 20, 2012

We certainly do have a phenomenal ability to heal ourselves naturally from many, many illnesses. I am presently making a TV documentary series about people who have already or are overcoming illnesses where the prognosis was "incurable" or "terminal". I have come across many phenomenal healing stories but recoveries from illnesses that western medicine has deemed hopeless, I find really fascinating & convincing of our innate healing potential,
In my experience there are quite a lot of different keys that enable people to make remarkable recoveries & these are not always the same for different people, even with the same illness. Hopefully, we will people to show this in the documentary.
(For information about the documentary, go to: or )

11:45AM PST on Jan 17, 2012

It's a healthy thing to question the health care delivery system, especially if/when it's based in a profit motive entirely. I believe we do indeed have some measure of ability to heal ourselves; but, of course, present day medical system has no interest in this phenomenon because there is no money in it for them. I have a standing "doctor's order" to stay away from all medical & drug establishments as much as possible; because their bottom line is profit incentive not patient well-being. Thanks for this thought provoking article! To Big Pharma & our modern day "blood letters" I'd like to say: "Physician, heal thyself!"

6:52PM PST on Jan 15, 2012


7:48AM PST on Jan 15, 2012

I believe that we do indeed have the power to heal ourselves - up to a certain point. We still need some kind of medicine, though.

7:23AM PST on Jan 13, 2012


3:57PM PST on Jan 12, 2012

Thanks for posting.

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