Do You Create In Consciousness?

Certain states of awareness, such as dreams and imagination, are accepted in our society, but they press close to other states that modern people often relegate to superstition, such as seeing departed spirits and having holy visions.

Yet I’ve met too many people who tell me soberly of having saints appear to them in meditation, and others who have been visited by gurus, the archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, ancient Tibetan lamas, and incarnations of themselves. Access will not be denied.

Other cultures have felt more comfortable navigating the subtle dimension that we do; our tendency is to wall this region off from the physical world and to make arbitrary judgments.

Yet, to create in consciousness is our greatest gift, and what we create continues to evolve. If you open yourself without judgment to your role as a creator, you gain much more freedom. Genesis doesn’t have to be a far-off event that put the universe into play. It can be a constant event that renews at every moment.

A great work of art can begin in a dream, a vision, or an inspirational moment. It gestates in the invisible reaches of the imagination, but then the artist begins to shape it in clay or on a canvas.

The Mona Lisa needed an audience, and that audience had to think that painting was important. The painting had to inspire viewers with its beauty, and as it did, it gained fame, appreciation, and understanding. Eventually, if an artwork is supreme, a whole culture adores it.

The word “angel” could be substituted for “Mona Lisa” without much change. Being a work of art, a human product, the Mona Lisa doesn’t stir our skeptical nature, but since we can’t observe ourselves creating angels, we aren’t as accepting of the process.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).


Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

continued:Be an energy of action. Allow your soul to flow through with power into the reality. It has the potential to change the moment. Ready, set, action.Try it.-VERONICA Dear VERONICA,I had a psychic medium tell me that I'm a "Last Lifer", and I was ecstatic. I do NOT want to come back and do this again, so this was a huge relief to me. I was told I'm on my spiritual path. I've begun studying "a Course in Miracles" and have been struggling with doing forgiveness every day. Some days I do good, others are not so good, but I'm not giving up.Recently I finished another spiritual book and if I understood it correctly, being on our spiritual path doesn't necessarily mean we will no longer have to come back, that you must become "enlightened". Am I understanding this right? I realize we write our script. I seriously hope that I misunderstood because I don't want to come back.-Sutton
Dear Sutton,When you cross at the end of this life you will access the progress of your soulful energy. All of your linear experiences will also be looked at to determine whether you wish to continue reincarnation or not.The singular life is but a small part of the total experience. We realize you have your mind made up in this one, however, all experiences are considered. You may or may not feel the same about it after looking at the whole picture. -VERONICA

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

Here is Spirit Veronica's of "Inner Whispers" comment entitled "Action vs. Reaction". It seems to pertinent to this discussion so I hope you enjoy it.
Action vs. Reaction
"The reality of th earth plane at this time is chaotic at best. Most are attempting to regain their balance upon very slippery paths. It is always so when the consciousness of an environment is expanding and raising its vibration. It is important at such times to maintain one's perspective in a positive way. Upheaval and negativity can present themselves, so it is up to the individual soul to choose its path during these times.If one merely reacts to whatever is presented through the mass consciousness, then individual focus power can be compromised. It is always preferred to be proactive while moving through the dramas. This way one is able to introduce one's energy to the situation purely so that their positive influence may help remedy the creation of the reality.
In essence it is better to remain individualistic in any situation. Inserting one's energy that is active is important.
If one allows a reaction to occur then the blend of energy creating the situation is compromised.Stay focused and active while participating in your day. If something does occur, process the moment without reaction, then continue your creative flow. It will help with the co-creation.
Be an energy of action. Allow your soul to flow through with power into the reality. It has the potenti

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

There is no separation between self and higher self, it's all one . Our entire reality is the result of "magic" whether there is awareness of oneness with high self or only the limited awareness of the linear moment our reality is created the same way. Our ability to make "magic" successfully, commanding "reality", depends on our mental state. There are three forms of it: the negative state, only meaning that we, only acknowledge outside force, feel ourselves sometimes victim sometimes blessed, never in charge; as leaves in the stream compelled to follow the currant the basic attitude is "sh..t happens", "why is this happening to me?"Negative doesn't mean always expecting bad things but feeling and acting helpless makes them come. determination to control the future is positive thinking; first admitting that we have power to do that and then working reality for the desired outcome. Magic is working to take power through positive thought. Gradually, through the working and achievement of mastery an understanding evolves of our co-creative position with the eternal unnameable permanence we call "God". The higher alignment is the result, not needed to do the magic initially.The positive thinker's attitude is "how did I get myself into this" and then" how shall I change it". The third mental stance is creative thinking.We choose positive and negative thought, as in making love; allowing ourselves to act and be acted on, at will, the result pleasure.

Camila K.
Kamila A.5 years ago

Thank you Deepak, for opening this delicious dialogue. The creation, the art, becomes something that can add to another's understanding and consciousness, particularly well as it is is done with the fullness of the self.
We are all in this life thing together, and we all help bring each other up toward higher consciousness, whether we intend it or not. Even when we perform "magic spells" that may not work out well, because we are so limited yet in our alignments with our Higher selves and Spirit, yet we still add something to the mix, that will shift things towards a change. We can't get much lower, but as we strive to understand one another, and through art, we begin to grow toward a higher consciousness.

Claire C.
Claire Chambers5 years ago

We have to become completely in the now and open to all experiences in order to truly tap into our creative potential, I believe.

Shelagh S.
Shelagh Stephen5 years ago

I am really quite shocked that Deepak Chopra, of all people, would say something so profoundly disrespectful of others' experiences.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

I've devoted this life to the study, practice and teaching of "magic".I know this was my life's purpose because it was always the only thing I wanted to do. After proving it's a true thing, beyond coincidence the realities I'd call would manifest, I had to know the "why's" and "how's" of it.Study showed me all cultures and peoples practiced magic,determined inner planes shaping of reality.Everyone had different beliefs about where it comes from and ways to make it happen,only sharing in common that it workes. Practice proved not only that it works but when it doesn't you can know why and usually make it happen. My favorite study material,the Seth books coming through Jane Roberts, demonstrate exactly how a reality is formed. All successful spells are performed with these components irregardless of belief and ceremonial trappings.We are co-creators of this shared reality, nasty or nice, consciously or like leaves trapped in the currant, the world comes to be the same way. An image is formed that we believe or intend to be true as if an archer taking aim. The more single-minded the vision the more perfect the aim; for good or ill simply believing nastiness is true is the reality projected.Power is raised, the bow is drawn. Emotional intensity, joy or terror,is the power of the psyche. For it to come to be it must disappear from consciousness; the arrow released. What is feared or desired never comes to be till it is forgotten. God is immanent throughout; we the co-creators.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

I like thinking about this and your comments inspire me to add my own, especially the ones I don't agree with. However "society"at large may feel about it there is a creative continuum that sleep is part of. Meditation of is a tool.The material that feels truest to me says that in deepest sleep where there is no REM our consciousness is focused in the faster vibrating levels we occupy. We emanate from that plane into this, one with our source.In deep sleep our attention is withdrawn to the faster vibrating levels this one descends from experimenting with possible realities to experience here, trying them on for size. Here experience is perceived as sequential,truly it's all at once. Between deep sleep and waking is the dream. Remembered or not by our waking self this is a drama we create to bring the inner planes experience to consciousness.While in dream it seems an eternity of time passes, we don't remember beginnings, sequential events.Dream has so much material to carry it's packed into symbolic layers, each emanating from others.REM is the tiniest space of the sleep cycle. Sometimes it's difficult to translate inner planes events to linear awareness.I had a dream that was me sinking through different colors and sounds they were a visual aspect of. It was an expression of an event forming this reality . It's not necessary to remember dream. If our "higher" self is determined it will repeat till "we get it". Dream translates, inner self creates, we live it here.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago

thanks for sharing.

heather g.
heather g.5 years ago

We all have different opinions about creativity. Something I have experienced is looking at writing after some time and asking myself .... How did I manage to express that so clearly?