How Well Do You Replenish Your Energy Supply?

This quiz shows you what youíre doing right to boost your energy supply.

It also may give you new ideas for generating energy that you havenít considered before. Improving your diet and sleep habits, getting regular exercise, and practicing relaxation techniques take time, effort, and commitment. Joining forces with a friend or a group can help achieve your goals. Remember, the higher your stress level is, the more energy you need.

Check all the statements that are reflective of you. Add all the checks together and assess your energy needs!

1. ___ I get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, on average.

2. ___ When I am doing intense work, I remember to take breaks to walk, stretch, or relax.

3. ___ I eat three balanced meals a day.

4. ___My diet is high in protein.

5. ___My diet includes at least three servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables a day.

6. ___I rarely eat sweets or fatty foods.

7. ___I eat fish on a regular basis or take supplements of omega-3 fatty acids.

8. ___ I take a good-quality multivitamin every day.

9. ___I take antioxidants and a B-complex supplement every day.

10. ___I usually drink at least 6 glasses of water every day.

11. ___I engage in moderate- to high-intensity exercise at least thee days a week or walk for 30 minutes at least five days a week.

12. ___I practice meditation, yoga, yoga breathing, tai chi, or another form of relaxation.

13. ___I have a close, loving relationship with my partner and/or family.

14. ___I have good friends; we support one another.

15. ___I have a strong sense of faith or engage in spiritual practices.

16. ___I find meaning in my relationships, my job, and life in general.

17. ___I enjoy activities that are different from my job, such as art, music, dancing, competitive sports, or gardening.

18. ___I participate in community service activities.

19. ___I volunteer to help others, and itís rewarding to me.

20. ___I often go outside to enjoy nature, fresh air, and sunshine.


16-20: Recharging optimally.

11-15: Breaking even

5-10: Running low

0-5: Running on empty

Adapted from The Rhodiola Revolution, by Richard P. Brown, M.D., and Patricia L. Gerbag, M.D. (Rodale Press, 2004)


LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

Jerri F.
Jerri F.9 years ago

I think the book this was adapted from is great. Has anyone read it? The Rhodiola Revolution actually got me hooked on Rhodiola. The actual Swedish brand of Rhodiola that most of the clinical trials reported on in this book was not around when the authors (Dr's. Brown and Gerbarg) wrote the book. Now, you can find the Swedish stuff on the web in the USA. I use this product (Arctic Root by Swedish Herbal Institute) and I moved my energy levels up significantly.

I'd recommend this book by Brown and Gerbarg. I've re-read it three times, it is that interesting.


Jimilyn B.
Jimilyn B9 years ago

Eeep! I'm running on empty. No wonder I keep falling asleep every time I get quiet...I've no energy reserves. Time to print out this list to stick up where I can see it several times a day to remind myself what I should be doing.

Mary T.
Mary T9 years ago

I'm running low, apparently. If I had taken this a few months ago, however, I would have been on empty. All of these have been slowly changing, and continue to. Hopefully these changes will lift my energy quite a bit, more than they already have.