Does Marijuana Make You Thin?

Smoking pot might make you eat more, but despite that, marijuana users are often thinner than folks who don’t light up.

I’m probably going to catch some flack for this article, because a lot of folks consider marijuana a dangerous drug. The fact is, though, pot is becoming more and more accepted. It’s now legal for medical uses in many states, and it’s even legal for recreational use in Washington State, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon.

Marijuana and Health

Even mainstream medical professionals are changing their tunes about marijuana. Dr. Sanja Gupta recently wrote a pro-pot piece for CNN. He used to be against marijuana use, but after looking more closely at the research he’s changing his mind and advocating for marijuana.

One health drawback to marijuana is the smoking part, but you don’t have to light up to partake. There are actually whole cookbooks dedicated to cooking with pot.

Does pot make you thin?

I recently ran across some interesting research into marijuana and health. Anyone who’s gotten high has probably experienced the munchies, and you’d think that side effect would make pot-smokers more overweight. It turns out that the opposite is true, though researchers aren’t completely sure why this is. They did find that pot-smokers had healthier insulin levels, and since insulin helps regulate body weight, they theorize that this is part of what’s going on with these results.

What I found interesting was that even past users – people who had not smoked pot in 30 days or more – had lower insulin levels. Current and past marijuana users also had a lower body mass index, smaller waists, and higher levels of HDL (the good type of cholesterol) than people who had never smoked pot.

Want to see a little bit more? This infograhpic visualizes some of the findings from that research:

Does Marijuana Make You Thinner?Infographic via



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