Dog Colds: When They Require a Vet

Can dogs get colds? Surprisingly, weepy eyes and sniffles can strike both an owner and dog alike.

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Although people can power through uncomfortable symptoms for the sake of important business meetings, you should never let a dog cold run its course without stepping in. Sometimes a sneezing dog or a coughing dog isn’t serious, but some respiratory illnesses are—and they require medical attention.

How to properly take a sick dog’s temperature.

Repair a Down Dog: Respiratory Woes

Dial your vet and report your dog’s symptoms right away, especially if she’s having difficulty breathing. She may have something caught in her throat or windpipe. Also, chronic labored breathing could signal heart problems, heartworm disease, or asthma. Only your vet can tell and, hopefully, treat the issue.

How to cure your dog’s cough.

Dog Breathing Problems: It’s So Shallow

If your pooch is suddenly taking very shallow breaths, she may have sustained an injury to the ribs that is interfering with her breathing. She may also be in shock. In either case, this is an emergency. Get your dog to the vet immediately.

Dog Snoring: Stop the Storm

Dogs that have “pushed-in” faces, such as pugs and Pekingese, often have problems with snoring. If your pooch is keeping you awake nights, alert your vet to the problem. It may be the result of a mild dog allergy or inflammation, which your vet can treat with a simple Rx. But snoring may also be related to other problems that could require surgery, so it’s worth a trip to your dog’s doc to make sure all’s clear.

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