Dog & Deer Are Best Friends (Video)

Pippin, a baby fawn, was adopted by Kate the Great Dane after being abandoned by her mother, and the two have been best friends ever since.

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Carole H.
Ch H.1 years ago

Thats amazing, thank you x.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.3 years ago

so sweet

Kathleen Marie C.

Thank you for sharing the joy and spreading the love!

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra3 years ago

Thank you Healthy Living Editors, for Sharing this!

Elaine A.
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Carrie Anne Brown

great video thanks for sharing :)

Suzanne L.

They love each other, no question. Thanks for sharing.

Sofhiii Valle
Sofhiii Valle4 years ago

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Anna Undebeck
Anna Undebeck4 years ago

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Leanne B.
Leanne B.4 years ago

Caught this on PBS the other night. I love this stuff thanks for sharing.