Dog Eats $1,000

In Florida a Labrador Retriever, chow, bulldog mix named Tuity ate $1,000 left in an envelope on a table, after her owners went to work. They returned for lunch to find the envelope missing. Remnants of one hundred dollar bills were on the living room floor, and the rest Tuity had eaten.  She was forced to vomit up the loot and the bills were recovered, except for $100 that was too damaged.

Who knows what prompted the dog to eat the money, perhaps it is true that some dogs will eat anything.


Image Credit: OverlordQ (Dog pictured here is not Tuity.)


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Heidi R.
Past Member 4 years ago

And I thought it was bad when my dog ate my prescription glasses. Oh well, thank goodness it all came back *except $100. I bet they rush to the bank next time they have money around the house.

mary l.
mary l.4 years ago

he likes GREEN

Mara C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Ha ha ha ... a dog with discerning taste!

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton4 years ago

Perhaps he was trying to teach his owners to be less materialistic - or more careful with their money ;-)

Katherine Head
Katherine Head4 years ago

Awww poor dog I hope that she was forced to vomit in a vet's office, not elsewhere
But hey, they got most of their money back!

Rose Balcom
Rose Balcom4 years ago

Maybe the dog has pica!

Gale Thomasson
Gale T.4 years ago

well its seems that 1,ooo dollars tasted good to her! And who just leaves a thousand dollars laying around on the table antway?

Frida Huerta
Frida Huerta4 years ago


Lin Moy
Lin M4 years ago

Poor, rich dog. I bet he doesn't ever eat paper again.

Marianna B M.