Dog Watches TV (video)

“Can I just watch my program in peace? What’s the big deal?”

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Lily M.
Lily M.5 years ago

eeeee :) so cute

Lily M.
Lily M.5 years ago


ilse D.
.5 years ago


Veronika Sadilkova

A little scary, but cute.

Carole D.
Carole D.5 years ago

Dogs and cats are really funny. They're watching TV. I wonder what they're thinking and seeing.

Leslie J.
Leslie J.5 years ago

I Love it!!! I had my Lhasa look @ this video, too!! TOO CUTE!!!It's soooo FUNNY cuz the Dog actually looks like He's enjoying himself watching TV!!!! Good for him!!! That's how I Relax & Chill Out!! More Humans Need to Do this instead of running around all the time like chickens w/ their heads cut off!!
Works for Me & my Dog-Boo. Apparently, it works for this English Bulldog as well!! GO DOG GO and Watch TV!!!!!!!

Susan S.
Susan S.5 years ago

Our cat watches tv as well but only like to watch active movement (like tennis matches) and nature shows. I guess he has discerning taste! This english bulldog is funny the way he sits up on the couch.

Athena C.
Athena C.5 years ago

Who says we are different from animals. We are more alike then we can imagine.

Helle H.
Helle H.5 years ago

That was funny, hope he doesn't spend too much time watching tv.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba5 years ago

Go Doggy