Weirdest Barking Dog Demands: ‘Open the Door!’ (Video)

If you ever get locked out of the house, forget about politely knocking and nicely asking to be let back in. Instead, make this noise. As this funny pup demonstrates, it should do the trick.

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dee j.2 years ago

for those that think there is something wrong with the dog - there isn't.
he's a French Bulldog, and just like any of your flat faced, and short muzzled dogs (Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers) they make adorable noises, and unusual barks. he is a little old man though - made me want to cry - poor baby - mommy left me outside :-(
my dog knocks on the door with her paw. it's a soft knock at first, but if I wait too long she can really bang on that door with just that one paw. it's screen door, and it goes BANG BANG BANG until I let her in. no ifs ands buts about it, you better get there and let her in !!!!

stacey wallace
stacey wallace2 years ago

Is he 'saying' I want let in?

Salvador M.
Salvador M.2 years ago

Too funny my dog Sasha has a unique bark as well when she wants to come in the house :)

June Bostock
June Bostock2 years ago


BellaMia F.
Renee F.2 years ago

I don't think this is funny at all! That poor, sweet dog. He obviously has some severe respiratory problem. It's a shame his owner thinks making fun of him on YouTube is more important than taking him to the vet.

Ulane V.
Ulane V.2 years ago

Oh,that poor dog!If I heard it without seeing,I would never guess it's a dog barking.

Carrie-Anne Brown

haha thanks for sharing :)

JL A.3 years ago

just as fun 2nd time around

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener3 years ago


Dianne D.
Dianne D.3 years ago

Oh my! I think if I heard that, I'd be calling the police thinking an animal was in pain.