Dogs Wake You Up to Play. Can You Blame Them? (Video)

Dogs sleep all day, and everywhere. The couch, the floor, their bed, your bed, your lap — you name it and they nap it. The second you fall asleep, however, sleeping is no longer allowed. Nap time turns to playtime, and these cute and loving pups aren’t shy about letting you know they need your attention … NOW.

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Jane R.
Jane R.7 months ago

Dogs are nice pets as long as you keep them outdoors. I don't care to have my house smell like a dog. My sister has dogs indoors and the smell knocks you down as soon as you walk in the house. If you have a dog indoors you become accustomed to the smell but your guests think it smells terrible! Doesn't matter if you brush them and bathe them your house still stinks!

Yvette S.
Yvette S.about a year ago

Cute,thanks for sharing

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.1 years ago

Those were cute! I have seen some of those tactics before. The one was cheating though! They were using a laser light on the guy in bed to get the dog to pounce on him!!

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B.1 years ago

My cat wakes me up laying on me and purring.

Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti1 years ago

My dogs never did that but I am not much of a sleeper.

Aud nordby
Aud nordby1 years ago


Donna F.
Donna F.1 years ago

:-)))) but in the past, I wasn't so charmed by a paw in the eye.

Marianne R.
Marianne R.1 years ago

Cute - but cats do it better :)

Slava R.
Slava R.1 years ago


tin leng lim
tin leng lim1 years ago

Thank you.