Double Potting Beats the Heat

Hot summer days are on the way, and if you have outdoor plants in containers, this tip will help your plants survive the heat, and retain moisture.

By using two pots–which is called double potting–you can prevent the roots of sun-baked containers from overheating by placing the plant, pot and all, into a bigger container.

After you have done that, fill the space between the two containers with damp peat moss. The layer of damp peat moss will keep the inner pot and plant roots cool and moist during the summer heat, and your plants will do much better without the heat stress.

Hilary A. Rinaldi has been in the landscape industry professionally for over 20 years and is a Certified Organic Grower. After a stint on TV as “The Weekend Gardener,”she started her own Web magazine in 2000. Visit her site here.


Liling O.3 years ago

Oophs,this is really quite a good and fresh idea.
Hopefully I'll get to try one of these days

Dale Overall

A fabulous idea as it gets fairly hot and heated on the balcony for the plants who then do not need to bake while basking in the sunshine!

Kelly Rogers4 years ago

African Violets love to have rocks on the bottom of the tray too. ty

Mary S.
Mary S.4 years ago

Except for the weeks where it rain constantly (like it has this week for us), the double potting idea would work well. I have had to "wring" the excess water from some of my container plants where the drainage wasn't as good as it should have been. We went from three weeks of heat and no rain to three days of non-stop deluge. Now I'm sure the slugs will be back with a vengence, isn't gardening fun.

Sam M.
Sam E M.4 years ago

Never heard of double potting, will definitely use it in future. Thank you. :)

Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies4 years ago

Great idea

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago


Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga5 years ago