Double the Cute: Dog & Hedgehog Friends (Video)

Animals co-existing peacefully with a dash of cuddly is always something to sigh “aw” at. Watch two very happy and cute pets go about their day together, complete with a hide and seek game, lunch time and belly rubs!

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Christine Jones
Christine Jones7 months ago

I knew they were super cute, but who knew hedgehogs were so cuddly?

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Judy T.
Judy T.2 years ago

Oh, my Gosh! What an adorable pair! :)

Millie Symbula
Millie Symbula2 years ago


greenplanet e.
greenplanet e.2 years ago

aww, bless. The hedgehog is quite brave!

Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters2 years ago

Enjoyed the video, thanks for posting.

Grace Yang
Grace Y.2 years ago

This is sooo cute!!! I like how you put the captions like they were talking to each other.

Nils Anders Lunde


Kathleen Cazander


Georgeta Trandafir

thanks for the video