Driving Meditation

If you feel as if you have no time to meditate but have a long commute, try this Driving Meditation, by former Zen monk and teacher in the Soto Zen who has worked directly with the Dalai Lama.

To practice Moving Meditation you must fully accept where you now find yourself, here in your car. Divest yourself of all expectations, standards of comparison and technique, take that clear, observing, unobserving, unobstructed state of being, and keep on driving!

Now, instead of sitting erect and attentive in a quiet stationary place like a zendo or meditation hall, you are now sitting erect and attentive in your moving vehicle. You are now meditation as you move along. Do not be ruled by anything inside or outside you.

See and experience without intrusion, but when an intrusion does rear its ugly head in the form of anger, an opinion, some driver cutting you off, simply acknowledge the stray image and return your focus to being aware of everything around you. Now, driving along, be intimately involved in the action and be aware that everything around you is happening for the first time.

Everything is constantly changing, each traffic situation requiring its own set of responses. Nothing is left to rote. Keep your mind, body and senses wide awake, and as you drive along know that all that you see is as new as a baby’s smile, no matter how many times you think you have seen it before.

Try this. Spend an afternoon-walking, driving, eating-all experienced as if for the first time. Fresh, new, open.

Adapted from The Tao of Now, by Josh Baran (Hampton Roads, 2008).


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Thank God for angels! I know how inspiring that most people will find this article and so helpful!.. But, there is one other dimension I would like to add... ANGELS! Us Christians and I am sure our New Age friends, believe that there are angels sent to protect us. This means that, we pray for safety before we travel and then go with the flow! I personally take some deep slow breaths when I feel myself begin to get irritated and when someone does something particularly rude or stupid on the road, We are supposed, as Christians to pray for those who hurt us, so we can pray for THEIR safety too and maybe that God can send an angel or two to take their wheel adn help them to drive better!l( and maybe, to knock some sense into them at the same time!!!.Well, that was MY added bit, I don't know if that is strictly Christian, but God knows that I think it, so I might as well tell Him!) Let's face it, we are all human and we have all, at sometime or other made some blunder whilst we are driving. Letting someone into your lane when you don't have to, smiling and letting them go first. Giving them some good vibes when they make a mistake. Thanking them with a wave and a smile if they let YOU go first... all these things help to spread peace and love and calm into the chaos of modern traffic! ( and if all else fails... a really good loud hoot is soooo satisfying!)

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