Ducklings Safely Cross Pennsylvania Ave (Video)


When passers-by noticed a duck and her ducklings crossing Washington, D.C.’s busy Pennsylvania Ave., they helped them cross safely! As the caption on the video notes, “Other than Obama, what brings traffic on Pennsylvania Ave to a stop?”

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Gabriel L.
Past Member 3 years ago

Very good. Thanks.

Lynn D.
Lynn D.3 years ago

Sweet, we have LOts OF wild ducks, geese in our area and lucky that they usually parade across roads where the traffic is slow but every one I know just stops and watches them, Cute video thanks for sharing with us!

Oana Vasiloiu
yonette VO3 years ago

Very sweet! Good pleople who guarded them ti cross safely! Also remember about that brave police officer who helped ducks also cross the street! Congratulation to them for caring and making something to help!

Winn Adams
Winn Adams3 years ago


E. Talamante
E. Talamante3 years ago

So cute! I think I read that book as a kid...

Lourdes A.
Lourdes Acevedo3 years ago

So glad to see people caring :)

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance3 years ago

What cuties! Have to love the two little ones that had trouble getting up the curb, but they kept trying and succeding.

Thanks to the people who stopped traffic to keep them safe!

Too bad the Congress isn't as smart as these little ones. Congress doesn't give a quack!

kim d.
kim deal3 years ago

Please, if anyone knows the officer who gave momma duck and her babies an escort, please, tell him, THANK YOU!!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!! How awesome is he!!!!!!!

Rebecca Lynn M.
Rebecca Lynn D.3 years ago

Aww, I would not hesitate to stop for those little ducks in D.C. Now if those were politicians crossing the road? I can't be so sure I would stop for them.

Carrie Anne Brown

glad they all crossed ok! :) thanks for sharing