Ducks, Donkeys, and Rats in Holiday Spirit (Your Cute Pets)

We’ve seen Care2 members’ pets dressed as reindeer, with Santa, and playing inside Christmas trees. Today, we’re featuring unconventional pets celebrating the holidays in their own unique ways. We have photos of ducks, donkeys, and even hairless rats. But first, meet Genghis Gone the ferret:

Ghenghis Gone loves playing in the Christmas Tree along with his other ferret siblings. Ghenghis lives in Standing Oak Ferret Hospice in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.

Cheerio and Peppermint’s first Christmas. They were born on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3, 2007 to two female hairless rats, Piper and Phoebe. They were the only two survivors out of a total of 12. Cheerio got his name because he loved Cheerios, but only the name brand. He refused to eat the generic kind and would throw them out of his cage at his dog siblings (who were all too happy to scarf them up). Peppermint was an albino and resembled his namesake with his red eyes and pale skin. Both rats were extremely smart and affectionate. Cheerio was the more outgoing of the two (rats have very distinctive personalities). He loved to ride around on his owner’s shoulder…even when she was vacuuming! Peppermint was a bit more timid. He enjoyed his playtime, but all he really wanted to do was hang out with Cheerio. Rats require a lot of hard work, special care, and attention. They also require a lot of money in vet bills when they get sick, they are well worth every penny! Sadly, both Cheerio and Peppermint are gone now and are missed terribly.

This is my Boberoo, a.k.a. Bob, and his friend Anya. They are so photogenic! Bob, who was 23 in this picture, is a very kind soul and dresses up for all of the holidays. He loves kids and being the center of attention. We’ve had more snow this weekend so Bob, now almost 27, is ready to pose for more pictures!

Bob is an Anglo-Arab. Status: Happily retired.

This is Burbuja, a 6-and-a-half-year-old turtle who lives in Reynosa, Mexico.

This is Lottie the donkey saying hello to Penny the Border Terrier in the snow. Lottie was stolen in November four years ago. Her owners are still looking. They are from Leicester, United Kingdom.

This is Puddles, age 6. She lives in Ogden, Utah. She follows her owners around the house, loves to swim in the bath tub and chew on shoe string. She even has her own little laugh when she sees me or thinks something is funny.

“Hey, Pooh, did you hear that noise on the roof?”

This is Nicodemus. Little Niko is about 5 years old and is living with the rest of his ferret siblings in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada at Standing Oak Ferret Rescue/Hospice.

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Laura T.
Laura T3 years ago

the xmas rats are the cutest

LMj Sunshine
LMj Recovering S4 years ago

All great cute pics, thank you!!

LMj Sunshine
LMj Recovering S4 years ago

All great cute pics, thank you!!

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Missy G5 years ago

Super super cute

C.M Padget
Carolyn Padget5 years ago

How cute---I love ferrets!

Who would steal a donkey???

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Great photos. Fun to look at.

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All cutie pies!

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so cute:)