So, You Want to Adopt a Bunny (Photos)

As of the writing of this post, there were 5,901 rabbits available for adoption on Many people are surprised and disappointed to find that once they bring home a bunny for their child on Easter, the rabbit rarely conforms to the cute-n-cuddly notion they had anticipated. Baby bunnies (and many young adult rabbits) are too busy dashing madly about–as well as hiding behind furniture, and chewing everything in sight–to be held, according to the House Rabbit Society.

Also, rabbits are delicate animals which means they can be injured by children picking them up. And because rabbits become frightened when they are picked up, they frantically squirm and kick, often resulting in a terrified, if not injured, child. Rabbits are built to react to sudden changes which means they may either run away or try to bite when approached too quickly or too loudly. As well, stress-related illnesses are common. For these reasons, many children find it difficult to interact with a rabbit and soon lose interest. Which, of course, leads to an abundance of rabbits available for adoption on

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit, use these guidelines to help inform your decision. And if you’re not in the market for a foster bunny, you might at least take a stroll through these pages of abandoned rabbits to get your fill of Easter bunny spirit.

Sherlock and Holmes are brothers, a bonded pair, and need to stay together. They lived the beginning of their lives in a home with a family who never interacted with them. For the most part, they lived in a big cage with just each other, which explains why they love each other so much.

Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Inc., Rutherford, NJ


Sassy was recently rescued from a bad situation–like just bad beyond words–she was a “breeder rabbit” in a meat farm operation. Poor Sassy, but safe now and in need of a home.

Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Inc., Rutherford, NJ


Bailey is a nice, suave guy who has had a lot of extra attention in foster care (it’s those ears, for sure).

Furry Friends Refuge, Clive, IA

These Lucky Bunnies were rescued from a place where rabbits were bred and sold illegally at a mere 21 days old. Bunny babes are supposed to stay with their mothers for at least 8 weeks. After being rescued, they were scheduled to be euthanized at the LA Animal Shelter, until Bunny World took them in.

Bunny World Foundation, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Juno was found abandoned in the Christiana, Delaware area. She likes carrots, greens, hopping around, and dancing for attention.

House Rabbit Society, Southeastern PA/DE Chapter, Newport, PA

Maureen O’Harea is a feisty redhead with a knack for mischief. She loves being cared for after being rescued from a pet shop. Now she can eat and play all day long. She would like to be adopted with one of her siblings.

The Rabbit Haven, Scotts Valley, CA

Fluffy is a darling little 1.5 year old lop-ear bunny who was brought to the shelter because he “didn’t work out as a class pet.” Aw, Fluffs. We’d give her an A.

Humane Society of Scott County, Davenport, IA

To learn more about adopting a rabbit, read these 9 Common Rabbit Myths.


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