Detox with Acupressure

Acupressure, a powerful needle-free form of acupuncture, can help with liver detoxification.  It is a simple, no-cost healing method that has survived the test of time for almost 10,000 years, probably due to its effectiveness.

Conducting acupressure is easy.  Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the points.  A little practice and you’ll have it mastered.  Simply, apply firm pressure to the points mentioned below (see the diagram that follows) and firmly hold each point for a minute or two. The points may be tender, but the tenderness usually subsides as you continue to hold the point.  That’s a sign that you’ve found the right point and that the acupressure is helping to disperse stagnant qi (pronounced “chee”), which means energy.

Start with the points Heart 8 and Liver 2 simultaneously then move to Lung 8 and Liver 4 simultaneously.  In other words you’ll hold two points at a time for this particular acupressure technique.  Repeat on the opposite side of your body.  See the diagram below to help you locate the points.  The names of the points “Heart,” “Liver,” and “Lung” refer to the energy pathway on which the point sits, and the corresponding organ to which it helps.  So, while you’re working on this combination of points which is particularly good for the liver, it will also have benefits for the lungs and heart as well.

This acupressure can be conducted periodically throughout the day on a regular basis for best results.

Heart 8 (H 8 ) is located on the palm of the hand, about one inch below the webbing between the little finger and ring finger.

Liver 2 (Liv 2) is located on the top of the foot where the big toe and the second toe meet.


Lung 8 (Lu 8 ) is located on the inside of the arm, on the thumb side, about one inch higher than the wrist crease.

Liver 4 (Liv 4) is located on the front of the ankle bone on the inside of the leg.

Adapted with permission from The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD.

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Justyna Labout a year ago


Emily B.
Emily B.2 years ago

This is absolutely awful. As a licensed acupuncturist I must comment. And this is not something I do. Ever.

These points are inaccurate and inappropriate. PLEASE do further research before you choose to follow the instructions here. For starters, the location of Liver 4 is completely wrong on the diagram. Please, look to other articles.

Tammy D.
Tammy D2 years ago

Always cool to see acupressure articles.

Marie Squire
Marie Squire3 years ago

this is interesting, thank-you, for posting it

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mac C3 years ago

I've used acupressure in the past to take care of a headache or a sore back so I appreciate this information as well. Thank you.

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Thanks so much for posting this.

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Becky Holland4 years ago

i am dealing with a lung clot. i will be adding this to my self care healing routine.

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Cannot attest to detoxification, but I'm a firm believer in accupressure for relief of tension and pain.