Eco Friendly Space Program

I admittedly haven’t paid a lot of attention to the restructuring of NASA’s shuttle program, but also admittedly, was very intrigued when I came across an article by Timon Singh on that used both the phrases “space shuttle program” and “environmentally friendly”. [1] Now, to give Singh credit, he was noting that the program is anything but friendly to the earth, but nonetheless, I found he had me at “Eco Facts Behind NASA”.

Singh goes on to detail how, “once the shuttle is in orbit its systems are fueled by more environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cells.” This is, in fact, pretty cool to begin with, but more to the point, Singh wonders why it took so long for the rest of us to catch on to technology NASA’s been using for decades.

That’s only one of his many cool factoids and insights on the program and its correlation (or perhaps lack thereof) with environmentalism. Check out the whole article on


- Jocelyn Broyles


[1]The Eco Facts Behind NASA’s Legendary Space Shuttle Program, Timon Singh, July 14, 2011

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