Energize your Plants with Homeopathy!

by Greg Meyer MD, MD(H), CCH – Contributor to Homeopathy on Allthingshealing.com

Editor’s Note from Christine Breen: According to Kaviraj in Homeopathy for Farm and Garden, Silica is the remedy par excellence to use in the garden especially when transplanting or for strengthening otherwise weakened plants. It also kills weeds!

I just planted a new tree in the front yard. I’m hoping for some future great shade, and beautiful flowers from this Hong Kong Orchid Tree. The nursery had it pruned so that it seems like a tall stick with some leaves on top…but now it will be free to do what it wants for a while.

So I dug my hole in the Arizona soil, and backfilled a bit mixing in a little compost. Then I had to dig two additional holes for the poles to lend some support until the trunk grows strong enough.

This tree has spent its entire life in a 15 gallon plastic container. Its branches have been trimmed off every year…forcing it to grow taller on a thin trunk. The trunk was taped in several places to a stake in the container. It has never been able to thrive. It has never been able to move, sway, bend or grow on its own. Without the stake, it now seems fragile and weak.

So for the first watering, it got something special. A little energetic water to help it shift into the new home. I put 5 pellets of homeopathic silica 10M in the watering bucket, and briskly filled the bucket from the hose, with lots of bubbles and vortexing. Why not? Everything is energy, and if homeopathy can make an energetic shift in people and animals, why not plants too?

Homeopathic silica is helpful for failure to thrive, lack of confidence, and weakness. I suppose a little aconite for the shock of the planting, and a little rescue remedy wouldn’t hurt either. But homeopathic silica is known as “The Gardener’s Friend”…..well, time will tell for my new tree.


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