Energy for Tomorrow

Carlo Rubbia, Physics Nobel Laureate in 1984, is examining sustainability in the context of global energy supplies. Rubbia is the Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Sustainability in Potsdam, Germany. The IASS was founded in 2009 by Klaus Topfer, former head of the UN Environmental Program. Rubbia wants to collate research results from across the world to develop a new strategy on energy. The objective: the sustainable generation, transfer and storage of energy. Photo Credit: Green Prophet1 via Flickr.

Energy for Tomorrow - Carlo Rubbia Plans for the Future
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Warren Webber
Warren Webber1 years ago

Live long and prosper

Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti4 years ago

I mean more clean, substainable energy; not drill baby drill.

Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti4 years ago

I wish the US would engage in more new energy developement.

Julie W.
Jules W.4 years ago

Thanks so much.

J.L. A.
JL A.4 years ago

good to knwo

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Ernie Miller
william Miller4 years ago


Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons4 years ago

we need to swtich to 80 or 90 percent solar wind geothermal and no-dam hydroelectrics and phase out coal and nuclear power.

Christeen Anderson

I hope this can happen. Thank you.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers4 years ago