Enjoy Healthy, Tasty Spring Asparagus

Spring is right around the corner, and that means fresh asparagus spears are going to be pushing up through the earth. Asparagus is a flavorful, healthy spring treat and can be added to many meals.

According to the website World’s Healthiest Foods, asparagus is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory vitamin K, heart-healthy folate, vitamin B1, vitamin C, and vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene) and bone-building copper. Asparagus is a very good source of energy-producing vitamin B2, and B3 as well as phosphorus; heart-healthy potassium, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber; antioxidant-promoting vitamin E and manganese; and muscle-building protein.

This spring, find local fresh asparagus to prepare in the kitchen, and get extra to freeze in small batches to use throughout the rest of the year. You can also pickle and can asparagus if you like tangy foods.

Here are some recipe ideas to help you enjoy your spears:

If you’ve been thinking of growing a bed of asparagus, that’s a great way to ensure you get the absolute freshest spears. This perennial is productive and comes back year after year without much maintenance. Check out Growing Asparagus for tips and how-to. Happy spring!

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