Ewe Gives Birth to 7 Lambs in Washington

A 3-year-old ewe in Washington state has done something that rarely happens; given birth to a litter of 7 lambs. The American Finnsheep Breeder’s Association says that’s only been recorded twice before in the US. Photo Credit: A Roger Davies via Flickr.

Ewe Gives Birth to 7 Lambs in Washington
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Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Gabriel L.
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Tammy K.
Tammy K.4 years ago

Lambs are always so sweet! Good health to all!

Joy Mcronald
Joy McRonald4 years ago

they are so cute, hope they all survive!

Christina Bolan
Christina Bolan4 years ago


Dale Overall

Oooohhhhh My! Guess what Diane L! Elaine has her caps on also in another article as well. When typing I generally see what is in front of me...if it is in caps or not...are caps a capital crime? Sorry, six in the morning and haven't slept yet leading to bad puns.

An old article...how I wish it was April once again...not September. Another long and eternal winter to get through with that -30 and -40 temp-brr-atures to endure...ground starts to freeze mid Novembrrr...please hand me some woollies as I will need them...again! Needless to say, the lambs are now older and wiser (unless ending up as lamb chops) are delightful.

John S.
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Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

Elaine, PLEASE take your CAPS LOCK off! In case you haven't noticed, and I'm sure you haven't, this is a very old article. These 7 lambs are now all grown up and probably are either sold or have ended up in the grocery store in a plastic tray.

Terry V.
Terry V.4 years ago


Beth Wilkerson
Beth Wilkerson4 years ago