Facts About Cats and Women

What is it about cats and women? Why are there “cat ladies” but not “hamster ladies”? Why do so many women seem to gravitate towards cats? The crazy-cat-lady stereotype aside (by the way, every segment of the population has its extremes, cat-loving women shouldn’t have to take a bad rap for a few odd birds) I know many more women than men who have a special bond with their cats. So, what’s the rub?

A new study supports the idea that a special relationship exists between women and cats. To be published in the journal Behavioural Processes, the study explains how researchers observed the interactions between 41 cats and their human families; the scientists noted all behaviors of both cats and humans, and also assessed their personalities as well as their influence over one another. While many people might consider cats to be aloof, self-serving prima donnas, the study concludes otherwise; beyond food-seeking behavior of the cats, they found that cats forge true attachment to their owners.

Here’s a summary of what they found.

The researchers witnessed a mutual social interaction in which both cats and people signaled to each other when they wanted to give or receive affection.

Cats keep track of how their needs are being met. They were more likely to respond to owners’ needs, if their owners had previously responded to theirs.

Cats seem to remember kindness and return favors later. If owners grant their feline’s wishes to interact, then the cat will often reply to the owner’s wishes later.

Cats have an edge in this negotiation, since owners are usually already motivated to establish social contact.

While men got along with their cats, researchers saw more interactions between women and their animals, finding that cats were more likely to approach women than men and to do things like jump on their laps to initiate contact. Study author Manuela Wedl of the University of Vienna told Discovery News that women’s relationships with their cats were “more intense.”

For a humorous look at one feline’s love for his female, watch this hilarious video from BBCComedy:

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Mary ann S.
mary ann s.2 years ago

Yes cats can be very special friends

Vicki Maitland
Vicki maitland2 years ago

the video was so funny. My girls play up too when i have friends over. wouldn't change them thou.

Laura Saxon
Past Member 2 years ago

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria P.
Victoria P.3 years ago

I have both dogs and cats. Cats are great for a cuddle. Dogs love going for a ride. Good company either way. Love my fuzzy buddies.

Victoria S.
Victoria S.3 years ago

I think there are Cat men. My Dad addopted my 2 cats when I moved to a different country and his bond with my cats is just as strong now, as mine had been.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance3 years ago

I have 2 boys and a girl --- cats of course. They are the loves of my life! They make me laugh.

I find that I agree with the study findings that are in the article. My 3 will groom me (a friend calls it 'cat lick brain stimulation therapy') --- hey my hair is shorter than their fur! It is very relaxing. I brush them, play with them, pet them, massage their paws, cuddle and kiss them, and of course talk to them. They are so special --- they are purrfect!

Cute and humourous video.

Spooky Cat
Spooky Cat3 years ago

I have 6 cats and each relationship is unique.

One of my cats, a black female named Mya, was rescued by me from the pound. She was scheduled to be euthanized in the morning. I am positive Mya knows this. Totally.

We love black cats. We went to the pound to adopt one. There was a lady there with her foster, a black female. We were going to adopt her, and didn't really think she'd be a good fit with our other cats due to her personality, she was definately a one cat family cat. Being that she had a foster mom I knew she would be kept until she found her family.

As we were walking out, one of the shelter workers said "would you mind looking at this one?" Mya was way down low where no one would see her. It was a perfect fit and she came home with us.

Kristina S.
Kristina S.3 years ago

I love my two kitties! Plus I have to say that I don't find anything sexier than a guy that bonds with cats.. ;-)

Andrea S.
Andrea S.3 years ago

not sure I buy the science behind that.

Lil L.
Lil L.3 years ago

I don't know what it is, but I love my two cats!