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Rescued Baby Dolphin Shows Joy and Gratitude

Two Brazilian fisherman came across a baby dolphin alone and wrestling with a big plastic bag wrapped around one of his fins. After numerous attempts, the kind fishermen netted the distressed dolphin …


Should I Get Tested For Prediabetes?

There is a good reason why November is Diabetes Awareness Month - we need it. There are †25.8 million Americans (that's 8.3 percent of the US population) that have diabetes. Of those, about 7 mil…


How Women are Healing the World in ‘FEMME’

I recently had the privilege of being part of a new documentary film entitled FEMME:†Women Healing the World. I'm so pleased to see that the award-winning film has sparked home viewing parties all ove…


The Breast Self-Exam You Need to See (video)

Check these out! After you watch the Good Health Fairy and her friends dance their way through the steps of a breast self-exam (BSE), maybe you'll be inspired to check yours out, too. In 2009, the …


Invisible Symptoms of M.S. (video)

Artist Cecelia Johnson was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 22. I recently happened upon a video she posted titled, "Invisible Symptoms of MS." Imagine my surprise at hearing her r…


6 Classic Summer Movies

While the official start of summer isn't until†June 21, why not get a jump on your summer fun by lining up some great summer films now? Movies are very subjective, and people don't always agree on the…


Should Employees Pay More if They’re Unhealthy?

There is a major change brewing in health care. Many people are realizing the benefit of shifting the focus from treatment of diseases to prevention. The reason is clear; it's not only better to stay …


Tips to Prevent Medicine Poisoning in Children (video)

Half a million times every year, a child gets into medicine or is given the wrong dose. Every minute of every day, a poison control center gets a call about potential medicine poisoning involving a ch…


Is Virtual Violence an Acceptable Parenting Technique?

A story circulated last week about a father in China and his 23-year-old son who were at loggerheads over the sonís perpetual unemployment and his seeming addiction to video games. The son, as reporte…


Schoolhouse Rock Turns 40

If you grew up in the 1970s, or even the 80s, and had a TV within your reach, you no doubt learned a thing or two from some of your Saturday morning viewings. That is, at least, if you were lucky enou…


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Yay. I'll go for 200 now

I could not live without my babies around me.

Uh, oh. After reading these descriptions, I believe I've got a whole inner mean community living in …

And, when we were kids, someone would get off a section of skin, and then turn us loose. We figured…

I like peanut butter, but never thought it could make a list like this. References would be nice