Famine Continues in Somalia (Infographic)

In July 2011, the UN declared Somalia to be in a state of famine. Tens of thousands of Somalis have already died of starvation and disease, and those numbers are expected to reach three quarters of a million or more by year’s end.

As the death toll rises, outside help is slow to intervene and aid agencies have been blocked by the militant group known as al-Shabab, leaving over a quarter of a million people trapped, with absolutely no access to food.

Here is an infographic highlighting the main issues of the 2011 Somali famine, including statistics and a time line of events leading up to the crisis. For more information on the Somalia famine and to sign the petition for more aid, click here.

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Famine in Somalia

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Top Photo Credit: Cate Turton / Department for International Development via Flickr


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thanks for telling the world

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So tragic. ='(

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I just don't understand how their own can keep supplies from these poor people.A total tragedy

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Very sad state of affair my prayers are for these poor people

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Why are they not being helped, there's no excuse for this!!