5 DIY Fabric Techniques

Try these five fantastic ways to create your own unique fabrics for curtains, clothing, or accessories.


This website is an awesome resource in the age of digital printing. You can upload your own patterns, photos, or images and create a unique fabric for any occasion. There’s a whole variety of fabrics to print on and you can get cheap swatches first to check out the differences.


While this technique is common in the DIY scene, anyone can do it from their own home. Most craft stores like Michael’s and Joanne Fabrics will carry the Diazo emulsion set as well as pre stretched screens. All you need is to provide the image!

Discharge Dye

Though often, this technique is carried out when you least want it, discharge dye is the act of removing color through bleach. When correctly employed, you can make some pretty awesome designs.

Tie Dye

Once considered a hippie trademark, tie dying is a fun, easy project acceptable for anyone. You can pick up RIT dyes at most grocery stores, or make your own dyes using natural materials from your garden and kitchen.


My mom taught me to embroider as a child by following vintage designs for kitchen cloths, but I’ve known a lot of people, both men and women who have taken up the practice much later in life and for a variety of purposes. While there’s a library of stitches, a needle, thread, and your intuition can give you a great start.

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