Favorite Halloween Costume Ever?

Everybody has one: a favorite Halloween costume that you’ll always remember. Maybe it was Incredible Hulk when you were incredibly scrawny, a super crafty homemade success, or a clever pun-as-costume that nobody really got…but was funny nonetheless. I went as Halley’s Comet in 1986, and although everyone thought I was a Christmas tree, it remains my favorite costume to date–it was homemade, whimsical, and I got to wear lots of glitter eye-shadow!

Tell us about your favorite costume, and why does it stand out in your memory?

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Nimue Pendragon

Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween. But it sounds like fun :)

Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane3 years ago

My favourite was a pumpkin costume I used to dress in when I was little. Our family would have a Halloween party each year, decorating the house and playing games like apple bobbing before going trick or treating :D

Rosa Noman
Rosa Noman3 years ago

When I was in kintergarten I went as a cat. The best part was that my best friend went as one too. The funny part was that I thought she was going as a actress and she thought I was going as a dancer.

John B.
John B.3 years ago

A clown costume that my mother made for me when I was 8 yrs old. Now I just go as myself as that is scary enough for most people :~)

John S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Enjoyed reading the comments.

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se3 years ago


Anita R.
Anita R.3 years ago

ctd even though I encountered a few other Century Sams, I was the only FEMALE Century Sam. I didn't dig up any gold, but I did end up with a bag full of treats!

Anita R.
Anita R.3 years ago

When I was 8 years old, in 1958, the province of BC celebrated - ah - one of its centenaries. We actually had 5 centenaries to celebrate in 22 years (I'm not making this up!), the establishment of the colonial govt in Victoria on Vancouver Island in 1949, the colonial govt on mainland BC in 1958, the uniting of the two colonies in 1966, the Canadian Confederation centenniel in 1967, and the centennial of British Columbia joining Confederation in 1971! So what does this history lesson have to do with Hallowe'en? Well, the colonial govt in BC came about mostly because of the discovery of gold in BC's Cariboo region & the gold rush that followed. Its mascot for the centenniel in 1958 was Century Sam, an old miner who would go about the province telling stories of the gold rush. Even Vancouver Island, where I lived, and had already had its 1949 centenniel, joined in. I told my Mom I wanted to be Century Sam, since there wasn't any Century Samantha, women being in a bit short supply in BC in 1858, except for the ladies in the saloons, I suppose. We made up an outfit, borrowing a vest and checked shirt from neighbours when a search of my Dad's clothes turned up neither, my own blue jeans and boots, an old squished up hat, cotton batten for a beard, and I carried a spade in one hand and my treat bag in the other. I loved that outfit, partly because we made it up from scratch - we rarely went out and bought costumes - and partly because, although I encountered a few other C

Beth Cook
Beth Cook3 years ago

Three years ago i worked at one of the amusement park's here adult haunted attraction in which I was a cast member of an old asylum (the building that was normally used for bumper cars). My costume was a bed jacket covered with latex, pea-soup colored vomit and a pair of ripped sweat pants with red paint on it for blood. Every day my make-up was different depending upon who did it that day and what they felt like doing. I then did my hair in some way to go with the make-up. It was really fun! I would be still doing it to this day as a seasonal job if the powers-at-be in charge hadn't chosen to not rehire me and be rude about it the following year.

From childhood though I always loved being a witch or a sorceress-- I loved the black dresses and dark make-up and I had a long black wig to go with the sorceress costume that I absolutely loved!

Gysele van Santen

a few years back i was a pimp & my boyfriend was my, ummm, lady friend.