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FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements

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FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements

The FDA has issued a proposed mandate that represents the greatest threat to dietary supplements since 1994. Back in the early 1990s, consumers were so alarmed by FDA bullying that they staged a massive revolt. The result was that Congress passed a law prohibiting the FDA from banning popular nutrients (as the agency had threatened to do).

There was, however, a loophole in the 1994 law. The FDA was given authority to regulate ingredients introduced after October 15, 1994.

It has been 17 years, but the FDA just issued draconian proposals as to how it intends to regulate what it now calls “new dietary ingredients.” You can find the FDA Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients (NDI’s) here. If implemented, some of the most effective nutrients you are taking will be removed from the market. This includes many fish oil formulas and natural plant extracts. A detailed analysis of the FDA Draft Guidance is available here.

These oppressive rules are exactly what the 1994 law (DSHEA) sought to prevent. The FDA is using its authority in direct violation of Congressional intent.

In order for these ingredients you are using today to return to the market, the FDA will require manufacturers to conduct outrageously expensive studies using absurdly high doses, in some situations multiplied by a “safety factor” up to 2,000-times the recommended dosage on a per product basis.

The FDA defines dietary supplements as being “new” if they were introduced after October 15, 1994. That means that even certain nutrients that have been safely used over the course of three decades will be subject to the FDA’s oppressive policies that mandate costly animal testing.

The FDA Views Supplements in Same Light as Synthetic Food Preservatives

According to the new guidelines, the FDA believes that “new dietary supplements” must be regulated similarly to synthetic food preservatives. The FDA guidelines have modeled the outrageous safety thresholds after those in place for food additives. This appears to be in direct violation of DSHEA, the law enacted in 1994 to protect consumer access to dietary supplements, which classifies dietary supplements as foods, not food additives.

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Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola has been passionate about health and technology for most of his life. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, he treated many thousands of patients for over 20 years. In the mid 90ís he integrated his passion for natural health with modern technology via the internet and developed a website, to spread the word about natural ways to achieve optimal health.


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12:59PM PST on Jan 11, 2012

Why is it that when the subject of regulating something like organic food comes up you guys are all for it, but when somebody finally talks about regulating the woefully unregulated industry that is nutritional supplements people suddenly talk about how terrible it is?

I'm not anti-supplement. I take supplements. They're great if you have good medical guidance. But they aren't a substitute for actual medical care or prescription meds, and they aren't even more natural either!

I am on a weekly prescription shot... I know so many people who are trying to get the same effects by using ten, fifteen nutritional supplements. It's expensive, tedious, and has just as many if not more side effects as the prescription drug, and to make matters worse, most of them don't even go to a doctor to see if this is an appropriate fit for them. All of that because they somehow think popping eight pills with every meal is "more natural" than a shot once a week.

Also, take anything Dr. Mercola says with a grain of salt, he is famous for presenting the crap he sells on his website as the only good version of anything. He's probably just worried the FDA will reveal that he's selling crap.

7:39AM PST on Jan 11, 2012

I take no prescription medications. I believe they are dangerous. You hear of all the damage they do after being on the market for several years. The FDA seems OK with that. I do take vitamins and supplements which I believe is keeping me in good health. I believe the FDA is taking a negative position on supplements due to being aligned with the drug companies who want to take over control of the supplement market and charge us exorbitant prices for what we are now buying.

4:55PM PST on Jan 10, 2012

So let me see if I have this right. I will no longer be allowed to choose what I put into my body, but there's no problem having things I DON'T want put into me by way of GMO's?

Carol, I have to disagree with you about the FDA not getting involved w/o problems. The problem is where the money is coming from. Monsanto and Cargill have lots, and so do the pharaceutical companies. Anything with health benefits that isn't prescribable (not sure if that's a word but I think you know what I mean *lol*) isn't even allowed to advertise as such. Cherries are a good example. The FDA sent letters to cherry marketing companies, threatening them with legal action. They were told they should remove scientific information from their websites, describing health benefits of the natural medicine found in cherries. They claimed that when cherry growers give out scientific information on health benefits, such as anthocyanins (found in cherries) which reduce inflammation, they are declaring cherries to be drugs. Therefore, if cherries are drugs, they need FDA approval to be sold in the USA. And that is the ignorance of the US Government.

10:34AM PST on Jan 9, 2012

They want to ban supplements why? Because they have not been tested enough? Then why does the FDA allow gm foods to be on the market with no labeling? My guess is that the FDA is just another arm of big business. Also, if all of our life spans are shortend, the social securiety problem is not as large of a problem. "Mother should I trust the government?".........Hell No!!! They are not there for us and probably never were.

5:25PM PST on Jan 5, 2012

If food doesnt supply everything your body needs, then how did humans survive the about 200.000 years before the invention of supplements? No species ever has evolved a need for anything it cannot find and eat in nature.

A company not being in for profit - what a hoot! Any company not in it for profit is going to end as a failure as a comercial enterprise.

And that people in Denmark who everything else consume supplements have significantly higher mortality rates than those who dont is a fact.

4:28AM PST on Jan 4, 2012

All these 32 comments are just "opinions". People should always make valued judgments based on actual results. Everything said in the world is 90% Opinion, 10% Fact, and actual results are Facts. You have to find the right supplements, from the right company. 60 milliion people and I are living proof of the effectiveness of good supplements from a company that is not just seeking profit - they insist that everything must work, otherwise they don't supply it! So the only warning is, don't just buy anything - do your own research and you will find the good stuff! Just do this, because your food will not supply 100% of what your body needs.

5:10PM PST on Jan 3, 2012

Thank you.

10:02AM PST on Jan 3, 2012

This is ourageous. I am tired of paying ouut big bucks for prescription mdications that have a long list of serious side effects. I do take a RX, but am very informed about its effects and side effects.
I prefer to go "natural" if I believe that is the better road to take.
We all should have that right and choice.
I am taking action. Thank you, Dr. Mercola.

12:22PM PST on Jan 2, 2012


10:15AM PST on Jan 2, 2012


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