Feeding Birds in the Fall

Many birds start to migrate in mid-August, and the demand for nourishment increases. As fall draws near, both migrant and non-migrant birds will establish their winter feeding territory.

Here are five ways to help birds prepare for cold weather, and to draw birds to your feeders:

∑ Invest in a few low-height feeding trays and fill them with cracked corn for doves and other ground feeding birds.

∑ Hummingbirds may visit feeders up to times of hard frosts, so keep their feeders filled.

∑ Make efforts to ensure fresh water for birds as you move into winter.

∑ Hang fresh suet, as birds are looking to add on some fat.

∑ In the fall many birds are growing their flight feathers and need rich foods such as oil-rich sunflower and niger seeds.

By Annie B. Bond


Julie Botsch
Julie Botsch3 years ago

Thank You.

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Bill and Katie D.

We love to feed the birds and keep the feeders full!
Beautiful Birds!
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Tanya W.
Tanya W4 years ago

I love to feed the birds that visit my garden - planted natives to draw them to my patch.

Cheyenne Thunderbird

if you start feeding you have to continue it untill they find something from the nature

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Good info, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Good info, thank you.