Firehouse Tomato Salad – Recipe

This is a quick-and-easy version of a traditional recipe called Fire and Ice Tomatoes popular in firehouses. Itís simple to throw together and can be made ahead and left to sit in the fridge while you deal with more pressing things–but it delivers perfect tomato taste every time.

A great way to enjoy those ripe tomatoes!


6 ripe tomatoes, sliced thin
1 red onion, sliced thin
1 green bell pepper, cut into strips
3/4 cup cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon sugar or Succanat

1. Layer the tomatoes, onion, and green pepper in a nonreactive dish.

2. Whisk together the vinegar, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and sugar with 1/4 cup water in a small bowl and pour over vegetables. Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight. Serve chilled.

Serves 6.

Adapted from Prairie Home Cooking by Judith M. Fertig (Harvard Common Press, 1999). Copyright (c) 1999 by Judith M. Fertig. Reprinted by permission of Harvard Common Press.
Adapted from Prairie Home Cooking by Judith M. Fertig (Harvard Common Press, 1999).


Danuta Watola
Danuta W4 years ago

Good post, thanks for sharing.

Laurie Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg4 years ago


Julie D.
Julie D4 years ago

Sounds great, would make a nice relish as well.

Donna Hamilton
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Shirley Z.
Shirley Z4 years ago

Sounds yummy! Grilled cheese sandwiches with slices of tomato would be good right now too. Grow tomato plants Grow!

Howard C.
.4 years ago

I live in England so will not be able to begin to harvest my tomato crop until late August but when I do I am going to give this receipe a try.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey4 years ago

Sound delicious. I can't wait to make it from my home grown tomatoes(first time planting).

Edith B.
Edith B4 years ago

Sounds delicious.