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8 Ways to Have the Best Morning Ever

Rise and shine! How do you start off your morning? Whatever the case, what you do in the morning sets your mood for the rest of the day. It makes sense, then, to make sure you're having the healthiest…


5 Dos and Don’ts for Using Technology in Your Workout

More and more people are working out with fitness apps to keep track of everything from time and pace to distance and calories burned. But using devices as the focus of a workout can get in the way of…


Why You Should Really Log into Facebook Less

The advent of social media has been both swift and all-encompassing, probably because the benefits are undeniable! Staying connected with friends and family as life and distance push you apart couldn’…


Woman Pulled from 20 Mile Race for Running Too Slowly

Netty Edwards says that she was pulled out of the Spen 20 Race in the UK for running too slowly. At a mile and a half in, she says a race official told her that staff was not able to stick around for …


Would You Wear a Health Tracker if Your Employer Asked You To?

Heath tracking devices aren’t new, but they are becoming more sophisticated and ubiquitous. With Apple’s recent unveiling of its fitness band and others (like Fitbit, FitLinxx) soon to follow, everyon…


4 Ways to Actually Enjoy Time Alone

For some people, venturing out into the world alone -- like eating at a restaurant or seeing a movie -- can be an awkward and embarrassing experience. It can seem that everywhere you turn, faces seem …


4 Psychological Tricks to Make Exercising Easier

Most people give up on exercising too soon because they let their minds get in the way. It’s really the only explanation as to why two people with the exact same health issues can have such different …


8 Biggest Sleep Myths

It often takes a bad night's sleep to remember how important it is to have a good night's sleep. But how much do you really know about how to get to sleep, how to stay asleep, and how to get the best …


Hidden Benefits of Tai Chi in the Bedroom

Increased circulation, lower tension and heightened sensitivity are just a few of the hidden benefits of Tai Chi for your sex life. Tai Chi Chaun can be translated from the Chinese characters as th…


The Spice that Stops Muscle Pain in its Tracks

Who hasn’t felt that heavy, achy feeling of overworked muscles? You know the kind—it’s the type that settles in a day or two after exercising beyond one’s current level of fitness. I tend to experienc…


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